Gorilla Glue #4 clone

Okay so she’s at my knee so I’m giving her a month then flower time any thoughts


My only issue is 35% RH temp around 81 will be getting stand alone AC unit before flower tent should be here today or tomorrow so ill have to worry about temp and humidity all over again

She looks healthy and your RH will go up as she gets bigger I wouldn’t overly worry it myself

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Scrog it , scrog it , scrog it , and you need RH below 45% in flower , don’t worry about it she is very healthy and seems to be doing good in her environment , let be , let be , and just make sure in flower you can get humidity down .

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Scrog is there a class I can take lol will do homework on it and get her done tomorrow thank you Yoshi you give get advice

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Look up Hillcrest grow on here and you will get a full understanding of why you might want to scrog it , but it’s more less just putting a screen right above the canopy and let the plant grow threw it to get more colas tops .

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Will look it up thank you

Did you see his scrog .

Yes looks like a easy thing four 4x4 and fencing wire but height is the mystery factor are so say a plant is about 27 inches to top where should scrog height be now I plan to start flower may 2 still waiting for my tent to get here taking the long way to me I guess …so should scrog be at 27 so she can grow up into it over next three weeks

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Okay super cropped so she is spread out more light penetration better going to get chicken wire and wood now SCROG time Yoshi

PVC pipe is probably cheaper and easy , 1 inch with connecting elbows and some good nylon string or your chicken wire if you choose , but yeah if you hurry up and veg it another 2-4 weeks to fill it up , it will fill out and really give you them cola tops .

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Yes PVC is the way in going cheaper that way so I got my tent so now I have and idea of the size the scrog needs to be

Next up Scrog net duct fans and LED or 600 watt MH/HPS so I know tent is small but only flowering one or two at a time so it will be tight fit but it will have to do

Yoshi what size duct fans size of tent is 3x3x6.5 carbon filter also want to maximize my grow with all the goodies lol

DIY scrog net cost $3.00

Finished product looks good and I feel good knowing it will help get the most out of my first grow lol and it cost nothing but a few bucks and a hour of my time

Perfect and you should double your expected out come . If you had to guess how many ounces or grams you might think you would get ? So if that method double or triple your thoughts , there is your proof of scrogging .

Okay my hope was/is .5 gram per watt so my veg watts are 288watts my flower watts is unknown because my upgrade lighting will happen before flowering my math if I stayed at this wattage 188 grams before scrog net
So I can possibly double that to say almost 300 grams that would be a winner in my book couldn’t of got this far without your help thank you
So next question
What kind of lighting should I buy to improve my chances for this harvest and the next

Led can cause impatience , verses MS/HPS can cause heat issues if not vented . But what I will do is veg with LED and start the Flowering for the first 4 weeks and finish with a HPS cool tube my next grow to see how that will work . Right now I have 800 watts of LED in a 2x2x5 tent which I’m about to buy one LED panel that will fit in the whole 2x2 square space which will be a Kind light , Apache Tech , or Advance Diamond series or XTE series 350 or 300 is what I’m aiming for but haven’t decided yet .

Thinking this setup and a good light I’m thinking would 600 watts MH/HPS be enough for my space 3x3x6.5