Gorilla glue 4 auto grew bananas right before harvest

I forgot to check it yesterday. But this morning i noticed like 10 of the bananas popping out of all the foxtailing that had started just 2 days before. Im removing them now. She is ready to be put in the dark for a couple days but should I with the :banana: happening.?

Will this gorilla glue going into the dark tent with my drying purple kush hanging in it possibly pollinate it.?
I found a sappy secretion hear and there. Idk what to make of it.

Finishing flowers …just the plant trying to keep its life cycle from stopping …this close to harvest I don’t think it can do too much as seeds take time to mature …

I also don’t believe it can harm your hanging plant but putting another fresh cut plant where you are already drying one will just introduce more moisture into the environment .
I’d be more concerned with that

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Good thinking there. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. But i did just start the drying process for my purple kush 2 days ago. And the dark tent is at 55% rh and 68f. I think i might be able to get away with putting them together maybe. I hope. Haha. It’s all i got.


Maybe not give it her dark days and just trim and add to the dry line.

You just pushed her to her limits. Good job!!


And I doubt putting it in her dark space will pollinate another plant in the same dark room. I would clean the grow with a disinfectant after removing her!


Thank you. I will most definitely be cleaning these tents. Good point. I kinda low key want a few seeds. Haha.

I found more of these sappy droplets after pulling her from the dark. About to start the harvest. Oozing with terps? Haha that sticky icky.