Gorilla Glue 4 and Super Skunk Feminized. Lost my labels after transplanting. Can’t tell which is which. 😏

Moving along. Only 32 days old from seed but I’ll get a good stretch. So not a huge crop but theyll be fire ILGM seeds


Nice looking ladies you will know later which 1 is which by smell hopefully… here 2 watch

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Lol, I did the same thing…post up later when they’re in full flower, it may be easier to tell. This is one of the inherent problems with folks that smoke weed…

Lol. I know bro. I think its the taller ones but very hard to tell. GG4 stretches a bunch in flower so I’m hoping for the best. The other two should be compact little bushes


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Well hell. The one thing that set the other two apart was the deep purple in the center of the leaves by the stems. I thought those to be my skunk only because the other two didn’t have that.

Beauty 4 real… either way they gonna b some fire smoke 4 u


I can not close fingers halfway around the colas. Already almost coke can size. Waiting them out till last possible SECOND to harvest. Such a great plant I will have the patience from hell. I expect this girl to be top shelf. Really wier

d. I have 1 like this show up about every 10th or 15th clone.

Daylight photos might help. The color of the blurples makes it had to see any difference really.

Good Luck with your grow!

This was my ILGM SS fem I just harvested.

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Like my brother @Tylersays said on the photo please those are some beautiful ladies

The gorilla glue stretches alot more than super skunk which doesn’t stretch very much

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True that!!!
Except I did get a “second” stretch about 6 weeks into flower and they picked up another 3-4" in height.

Super Skunk is kinda the catfish of the weed world. :rofl:


I’d read that. Having only grown green crack lately I’m stuck going on what I’ve read. The two are way bigger than the other two. I’m sure those are the GG4

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That’s not good. I flowered the skunk after 32 days

I grow my superskunk to about 6 inches from where I want it and flip to 12/12. It’s when I mix them that I have issues as almost every thing else I grow stretches alot more than the SS

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