Gorilla Glue#4 and it’s dominant strain

Grower since 70s…recently planted gg#4 seeds…up in a few days and thriving…currently vegging and studying which direction I will take the flowers…questions is as follows:
Planted 25 and pulled one early on…now the 24 look healthy and happy…no complaints but the current leaf structure would indicate a heavy Indica/Cush dominance and very little sativa…
Any comments from those who have grown the ILGM GG#4 as to what dominant strain came out of the final product…Thanks

Welcome to the forum! I think @Onlythebest79 grew some ILGM GG4 recently. No one else comes to mind right away. Anyway, nowadays they’re all hybrids and could display traits of either, possibly differing during flowering. GG4 is an indica dominant, so I’d expect to see more of those traits. Pictures! :smile: :v:


I’ve grown GG4 but it was not ILGM genetics

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