Gorilla Girl 1 became 6, round 2

Summer is coming for me and long work weeks also, so let’s stuff this 4x6 with clones and see what happens :grin: autopots for the win :rofl:

As title said, 1 Gorilla Girl seed that was a freebie and I cloned 4 branches and the top few nodes of the plant.

Mother plant.

And the clones.

Coco-coir and perlite, General Hydroponics maxi series (gro and bloom only, no kool-bloom) though I may use some GH FloraBloom in flower for a little PK boost.
Cal-mag will be used only if needed.
No microbes of any kind, H2O2 in reservoir to be sure of a sterile system.
Let’s see just what can be grew with just the basics and no microbial help.
All salts baby! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:


Looking good!


Exciting stuff. Always a fan of somethin’ different


Off to a great start!


Feed the clones 400ppm Maxi-gro today.

I didn’t get a picture of the mother plant today but shes on a reservoir of about the same ppm and nothing much has changed in the past 2 days.
Sure can notice the daily growth on the little one though and boy they got very green fast :sweat_smile:


Thinking I’ll flip the mother today and hook the clones to a reservoir and veg them where they are a few weeks then move them into the big tent.
The others going are auto flowers so they can go wherever they fit :sweat_smile:

Gave one of the clones away, I’m still thinking about what to do with the other :man_shrugging:


I’m here for it. :call_me_hand:t3: set to watch.

Here’s mine if you are interested.

Have a good night. Awesome chatting with you.


Welcome @Ebb


Well I never said simplicity wasn’t kinda boring :sweat_smile:
Not alot to do really but just watch them grow :relieved:

But today I did get time to trim the mother up and I set timer to 12/12 on the mother plant.

This weekend I hook the clones up to a reservoir, they been ready, I just haven’t had time :disappointed:

I still got one in a solo cup i need to do something with :sweat_smile:


I got the last clone planted in an autopot and hooked the other 3 up to a reservoir last night, though that picture is from this morning.
400ppm General Hydroponics Maxi-gro in reservoir with 40ml 3% h2o2 in 5 gallons.

I hand watered the one just planted of course, and I will continue to just dip nutrients from the reservoir to water it by hand for about a week or so before I plug it in to the reservoir.

It’s still dark in flower tent but I’ll get a picture of the mother this evening when lights are on.

Here’s a couple autoflowers in the meantime though.
One is Northern lights the other is a Zkittles.
I just about messed the Zkittles up :sweat_smile:
I tried sticking it on the reservoir with the mother plants and it didn’t like the mix at all :man_facepalming:.
It’s now on a reservoir with a better mix with a higher concentration calcium and magnesium.
New growth is looking better but its still a little pale :confused:

The magnesium deficiency signs are filling in with green and it’s alot more perky then it was before the switch 4-5 days ago now I think its been :thinking:


Mother plant looks pretty happy since flip.

I gave that Alien moonrocks beside her a little pre-harvest trimming, boy it smells so good :drooling_face:
Maybe next weekend it be ready, its about all cloudy but I’ll wait till little amber shows up and these last few hairs turn dark and maybe she will fatten up a little also…

But it’s blunt time!
Wish y’all could join me, this Bruce Banner is mighty tasty :yum:


Looks tasty :drooling_face::sunglasses::call_me_hand:t3::dash::dash::dash:


So this just happened :flushed:

Going sleep good tonight :sweat_smile:
I had been saving this jar of ridiculously frosty trim from a Black sugar I wish I had cloned :confused:

That’s all that’s left, but mothers day and all. Made the wife happy :blush:


@scott312 here’s what I’ve got going now if you want check it out.


Beautiful man. Tasty looking buds and hash both. Keep hearing about black sugar rose. Who made that strain??


So idk about black sugar rose but this is the “black sugar” I got.

This is all that’s left but it was very black and the most frosty I had ever grew…

Smells and tastes are intense, like grape pixie stix, ya know the powder candy that comes in straws :sweat_smile:


Yes. Looks good I figured it was the bar. Someone on the site has them not sure who bit I’ve seen it around a few times atleast.


Sugar Black Rose came from Delicious Seeds originally. I grew one, it was small but fabulous.


I know I seen the name somewhere. Lol. Who else grew it someone else I wanna say if u shared clones or seeds. I’ve seen it in more than one spot I’m sure of it. :joy:


I think @PurpNGold74 ??
I didn’t take clones of mine, wish I had.