Gorilla deer strike force

How aggressive do deer typically get when it comes to attacking marijuana? How determined do they get? If there are deer in the area will a sturdy tent be enough to keep the deer from getting to the plants? How about a greenhouse? Will deer try to break in, tearing the plastic?

A battle will ensue… lol
Chain link around the perimeter , at least 6 foot tall and you could also pee everywhere to keep them away… lots of choices… :grin:


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A 30 06 works well, just saying.


The deer where I live ,NE ,don’t actively search out plants and attack them . They certainly would not bust into a greenhouse to eat MJ . If you happen to live in a very dry area without natural green scrubs and other plants around they might try but I doubt it . Get some human hair from the barber shop and spread it around the ground .You can buy deer repellent .Yup pissin near the plant would help too . A 30 .06 does works the best . lol

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Try this!!



I’d hate to have to retrieve that golf ball!

Plus you’ll have something to eat when the munchies hit!