Gorilla auto beginning to flower

One of my outdoor plants has begun to flower and i had a few questions about fertilizing and pesticide prevention.

I have not begun to fertilize yet as they’ve been in the ocean forest soil for only about four weeks. Now that the time has come where they’ve most likely used up all the nutrients i was about to begin.

  1. I have the fox farms big bloom, grow big and tiger fertilizers. Should i begin using the tiger bloom on the flowering gorilla and the grow big on the remaining veg plants?

  2. I have been using a neem oil/castile soap mix to prevent and kill outdoor pests. Is it still okay to use during the flowering phase? If not what should I be using?

  3. I just added 1 serving of great white myco to the plants today, so should i wait a few days before fertilizing?

I greatly appreciate any insight you guys can provide me. I am approaching the finish line in a few weeks and want to finish strong

  1. yes
  2. IMHO I would stop using neem on flowering plants… switch to something like Capt’n Jack’s Dead Bug or Dr. Zymes. For a preventative, I have been making a mix of Soap Nut spray (if you are interested, I can post the ‘recipe’)
  3. I don’t wait when I add mycorrhizae but just don’t use a fungicide right after

thanks for the info.

if you could post that soap nut recipe i’d greatly appreciate it

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Take a 1 gallon jug of purified water.
Measure out 2 Cups of that water and put in a mason jar.
Heat that water but don’t boil it.
Add 4-5 small soap nuts or 2 large ones (I just bought them on Amazon)

Put lid on and shake gently.
Shake whenever you think about it but let it 'brew for about 48-72 hours.
Mix that brew back into the gallon jug (minus the soap nuts which you can re-use but you might have to add a few more)
Spray liberally on plants just before lights off or sun down.

It is a preventative, not an insecticide. It won’t kill anything you currently have but will deter new pests.

I was skeptical at first but it works… it has natural saponin.

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awesome. great info thanks i’ll get started on it tonight

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