Goose neck LED-how far from small seedlings

I bought from Amazon those inexpensive Buteny goose neck 15 Watt, LED lights-they don’t get hot. So how far from small seedlings should it be and is only blue okay in the beginning? no idea on
how long should they be on and off. 18/6? 24/0?

Picture?I think thst thing is so weak you should have it super close

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From what im seeing u can put the light almost touching the canopys and not affect the plants. Xprolly only a good enough light to get the first set of tru leaf then the light will be useless til next startup. What kind of light u gonna use for the rest of the grow or u gonna take outside after so long??

I have a real, two level greenhouse -with all the bells and whistles like automatic venting, two heaters, etc. which the previous owner of my house built for his orchids. I moved the seedlings under two Agrosunsun Tube Fluorescent 2450 lumen 40watt lights that the old house owners set up for his orchids. I have not decided whether or not to add additional lighting as the greenhouse obviously has natural lighting for the veg. and flowering stages.