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A goodnight sleep for me. Too all an awesome night


I want your butter recipe… please


I used 4 sticks and water. Add 4 cups water and sticks. Melt Butter and add cuttings. Low boil for hours adding water. Then strain and take cuttings and put into some water and squeeze and squeeze and pour through strainer. Now put cuttings into cheese cloth and squeeze in with the rest. Then put into fridge over night.

There are tons of videos too. The important part is to squeeze cutting into water. There is a ton in it.


Well next time u make canna butter try this method. I use 1 oz of suger leaf for 5 sticks of unsalted real butter. Take a big flat cookie pan and put wax paper on the bottom throw your suger leaf on it and spread it out then throw it in the oven on 225 degrees for 20 min after 10 min run a fork through it just to spread it around again. Now throw your 5 sticks of butter and the baked suger leaf in a sauce pan on simmer just so it barely boils and cook for 30 min stirring It basically the hole time when your done I take Lady’s nylons and stretch them over a bowl and poor contents through , now get one of those fancy rubber gloves that u can touch hot stuff with and squeeze every last drop out of the nylons .put your container in the fridge over night and there u go , u can also use it right away if u would like… I will bet you that if you try this method you will never do it any other way again these are the kind of Edibles that will knock your pants off and make you think twice about eating Edibles they’re that good when the cannabutter is made this way… Enjoy



Nice @peachfuzz I love new ways. Got some coming up in a month and I’m going to do. Copying now cause these cookies I’ll forget. Thanks. Got any other good tips?


I have tons of good info been at this for a long time and will always help out when I can… anything specific that you’re asking?



Not off the top of my head. Kinda can’t think.

Just best ways to get for edibles and which work best for foods, not just cookies. Way back when I ate meat I made a swordfish punabutter. I like to cook


@peachfuzz how is the coconut way done and is this better?


Well I make cupcakes, cookies , brownies you can make any kind of food with the butter , popcorn spaghetti sauces , jelly toast or cinnamon toast pretty much anything you can put butter on LOL



@Peachfuzz finally found it thanks


Please enjoy and let me know what u think… As far as the coconut oil go’s I haven’t tried to make it do to the fact that my wife doesn’t like coconut but I will look into it … C what I can do @Givemefire😈