Good To Be Aware Of: Fraud in THC Testing


Yes, I was. Every time I pull out my wallet it seems. But thanks for helping us grow and work around it! Will watch now with breaky and hot drink and :dash: :dash: :dash:


thats crazy

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So realistically most of the weed is still at about 20% thc? Is that what they are saying? I was looking at these ilgm seeds and they advertise 19% on most… I was thinking that’s kinda low but now I’m starting to wonder :thinking::joy:


Be aware, fruad exists in anything of value


I couldn’t watch it because I don’t have a google account and it’s adult only.
What’s the stir? How bad is it. Comments suggest most stuff tops out at around 20…


Smoked for 40+ yrs, never seen a thc label on any bags. Illegal state.

    I couldn't  tell you that the banana kush we grew from ilgm was 21% or 17% or 25%.  Supposed to be 21, and it was very potent, how potent?

Still getting my wig blowed back, wife smiling alot :+1:

First seed purchase, we made that decsion based on Ilgm description.

Now, we get firsthand grow and smoke reports, we get different mediums, nutes, lights, and best of all, added those all up, and you get a recipe for all us to follow on that next purchase.

Ilgm=no fraud


The short version of the article is that distributors of weed (the article says nothing about seeds) are pressuring testing labs to pad the THC content of their product for better sales.


I dont like how they are growing out the flavor and smell for high thc levels. Ill take a mellow good tasting hit over the harsh nastiness they are selling anyday.


They’ve been lying for years. They inflate the numbers to sell the hype. I’ve smoked a Super Silver Haze listed at 14% THC and it got me feeling way better than the latest and greatest strain they listed at 28%. Terpine profiles are by far more important IMO


100% agree, right as rain farmer.
Three in a row I tried smell like orange drink crystals, like somebody just dumped Tang all over the buds, three very different strains too. All from Sana’a and Sensi companies maybe familiar with or maybe theyre only local I dunno.

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That’s one thing I take pride in when I grow. The smoothness and taste. I’ve been lucky to have grown very high quality nugs that will get you rocked after 1 to 2 hits, but what I love to hear is how smooth and tasty the hits were. Like the grape ape I grew a few months back. Smelled like grapes and has a fruity flavor. After 2 hits from a bowl, you start feeling the high.
Here my NY Diesel I cut 5 days ago. Still drying. Pungent smell. Can’t wait to taste her.