Good temp/hygrometer

I bet the answers are in here somewhere I did try but couldn’t find em. What are reliable temp/rh meters? I got a freebie with my tent and it sux lol. Tia

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Thermo Pro

I also have a growers edge that I bought with my set up. Never trusted the RH so bought the thermopro a month or 2 ago.
I have both remote units in my 3x3. the RH readings are different by 10% or more.
When I read your question thought I would check my assertion.
I wrote down their current location readings (opposite corners of the tent at same height)
Thermo 75 degrees / RH 69%. Growers 79 degress / RH 80%
I reversed locations maintaining height
Thermo 81 degrees / RH 70%. Growers 79 degress / RH 82%
The room RH where the tent is located is 59% based on the average reading of 5 mini hygrometers I use in curing jars.
I removed the remote units from the tent and placed them by the minis
Thermo = 56% Growers = 65%
Once the receiving and sending unit’s RH was stabilized, the thermo’s readings were identical. However the growers sending unit is 6% higher
Based on this comparative test, I believe the thermo is the more accurate of the two.
I went through this exercise because it is important to me to know my tent’s RH. I am in the first weeks of flower and need to be decreasing its RH to 50% for the mid to late flower stage.


Here’s what I use:
SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA


Thanks for the info. It’s crazy trying to decide just looking online. So much disinformation out there. My temp reading alone is at least 10° off so I have little faith in the humidity reading. Getting ready to flip my first experimental grow and need all the help I can get lol including good info from the tools of the trade.

I have ILGM seeds arriving today GDP grandaddy purple. Trying to learn tons here before germination time. Tons of upcoming questions for another thread. Thanks again!

Ok, nice thread. i appreciate the info. my next question is where do you put the sensors. in addition to a cheapie temp/humidity sensor, i have a pymeter digital temperature controller with two sensors and i find almost a 10 degree difference depending on where i put them currently, i have one laying on my SCROG net (fully exposed to the light um, just like my girls) and the second hanging down into the canopy (just under the net and under the thick top canopy). neither sensor is touching anything to eliminate confusion. BIG difference in temp.
i only have a single sensor RH controller so i can only compare that to the cheapie temp/humidity sensor. i have both of those also laying on top of the SCROG net next to each other. the readings arent even close.

i know if i put my sensors above the light i get wild swings (when the exhaust fan kicks on) but a lot of that heat is coming from my ballasts and probably isnt a realistic measure.

Just wondering what others do and where you grab your readings from.
i think i am dead on for my temp control (assuming i have my sensors placed appropriately. after a few weeks of tweaking i am consistently in the 68-77 range (growning Bruce Banner).
My humidity is another story. i am in flower and shooting for 40-50 but am running 33-65.

I do have a datalogger that i am about to toss in for a week to watch not just the peaks, but graph over time but knowing where to put it is where i am stuck.

@Covertgrower, any tips?


Most people put the sensors just about where the canopy is. I use SensorPush sensor and it has worked excellent.


Just bought this today. I needed one for my dry/cure area and figured why not. Ill update with any pros/cons I find. I will have 3 girls ready to chop and 3 more that need a few weeks. That’ll leave me with 2 hygros. I plan to use my current hygrometer from my flower tent, in my sprout/seed area. And replace that with one of the new ones. Sounds solid in theory…

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@Covertgrower i like the remote readout. one less reason to open the tent to just write down numbers for my daily log. currently, after logging, i pop the battery out to reset it so i get highs and lows for the next day. it will be nice to get a device that eliminates the need for that. its in the shopping cart now.


Dang @Covertgrower! I wish I would’ve seen those before I purchased that other one. Those look nice!

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@Calizona @JackAndSan
It took severally years of growing before the battery finally died. It recently got replaced, and has worked great again.
I really love mine, the gateway is available to check remotely, but it’s not necessary.


Got my new hygrometers. They seem to do good. I am going to use an old tablet to keep an always on display of my rooms. I have one in the bathroom because I’m trying to see how stable it is for a dry/cure area. So far so good!

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Lights are off in the tent so the temp is a little low. Snowed last night again too. Gotta love the desert! It was 69 the day before and snowed the day before that

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