Good temp/hygrometer

I bet the answers are in here somewhere I did try but couldn’t find em. What are reliable temp/rh meters? I got a freebie with my tent and it sux lol. Tia

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Thermo Pro

I also have a growers edge that I bought with my set up. Never trusted the RH so bought the thermopro a month or 2 ago.
I have both remote units in my 3x3. the RH readings are different by 10% or more.
When I read your question thought I would check my assertion.
I wrote down their current location readings (opposite corners of the tent at same height)
Thermo 75 degrees / RH 69%. Growers 79 degress / RH 80%
I reversed locations maintaining height
Thermo 81 degrees / RH 70%. Growers 79 degress / RH 82%
The room RH where the tent is located is 59% based on the average reading of 5 mini hygrometers I use in curing jars.
I removed the remote units from the tent and placed them by the minis
Thermo = 56% Growers = 65%
Once the receiving and sending unit’s RH was stabilized, the thermo’s readings were identical. However the growers sending unit is 6% higher
Based on this comparative test, I believe the thermo is the more accurate of the two.
I went through this exercise because it is important to me to know my tent’s RH. I am in the first weeks of flower and need to be decreasing its RH to 50% for the mid to late flower stage.


Here’s what I use:
SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA

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Thanks for the info. It’s crazy trying to decide just looking online. So much disinformation out there. My temp reading alone is at least 10° off so I have little faith in the humidity reading. Getting ready to flip my first experimental grow and need all the help I can get lol including good info from the tools of the trade.

I have ILGM seeds arriving today GDP grandaddy purple. Trying to learn tons here before germination time. Tons of upcoming questions for another thread. Thanks again!