Good strain for back pain and sleep


I used a medical strain called Harlox yesterday. Not on Leafly but a net search shows it’s Harlequin x Ox, high CBD/Low THC indica - put me gently to sleep with just a few hits. Awoke several times as usual but no sacrum spasms and felt refreshed each time I awoke.

Just putting this out there in case it helps anyone dealing with SI/L5 degenerative issues and sacrum locking/spasms.

Will be researching a comparable ILGM seed for sure.


Blue dream, purple trainwreck, white rhino to name my favorites

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Thanks you have heard good things about blue dream!

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I always pick up an Oz of it when I can

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Just strained my back bending over. This has happened several times over the years and it usually takes me a week or so to get back on my feet. Once I even had some PT sessions.
This latest episode, I just rested for two days and smoked a puff or two of Blue Cheese every few hours. Not enough to get high or feel any impairment at all, but I could feel the muscles in my back relaxing and the pain diminishing within a few minutes. I’m almost 100% better now! This has really worked well and much better then Rx muscle relaxants that put me to sleep.


@1BigFella I really like the chronic widow and gold leaf and skywalker for pain

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Would have to go with either blue dream or blue cheese , grew both them this season and am over the moon with both for s1 L5/4/3/2 pain. Ive hardly had any extra opiates over the past 2 months.

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