Good seed bank for some blue diesel fem photos

hey i am wanting to grow blue diesel for my next grow. looking for feed back on good seed banks to buy them from. i have really only bought seeds for ilgm and one other place and neither have that strain

I only buy seeds from these vendors and I typically wait for sales such as this past weekends most seedbanks offered up to 40% off all beans.

Verified distributors of top shelf breeders such as in-house, Geist, jungle boys, wyeast, exotic, lit farms, Obsoul33t Genetics, compound genetics, CAP, sungrown, dying breed, dragons flame, curious cultivator, relentless, ect ect ect

Neptune Seedbank (I shop here more often than not for spores as well)

Others Ive used or still use
The seed cellar
Area51 seedbank
Thinktank seedbank
Platinum seedbank
The choice seedbank
Simply souvenirs
Nucleus seedbank
Beach city seedbank
Seedsman (if you want inexpensive generics)
Chronic seedbank