Good or bad? (first grow)

What’s up guys,

So this is my first grow. I think I’m probably still a couple weeks away from harvest? Not 100% sure. This is an auto flower at 9 weeks. She should be MUCH bigger but growing conditions were not ideal for the first month of her life so she is very stunted unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ve recently noticed what looks like gold specks on my leaves right by the bud sites. Are these just trichomes from the buds? Or is this something bad?

Also, defoliation has been somewhat difficult for all of the lower budding sites. I periodically trim obvious leaves that I find blocking the lower bud sites from light, but she is just producing so many leaves it’s hard to keep up. Will these bud sites still grow/flower if they don’t receive direct light? Or do they 100% need direct light? Also if you have any recommendations to get them some light, other than the obvious LST I should have done earlier on in her life, please let me know (I would do LST now but it’s too late, her branches would snap). I know a lot of people say to only trim like once in veg and once in flower, but tbh I periodically trim a few leaves here and there at whatever time and haven’t really noticed any problems so far so I’ve just continued to do it as needed.

Humidity is around 40-50% and there is constant new air flow in the tent. Temp around 70-75.



You have weeks to go. You’ll want to get a jewelers loupe to look at the trichromes development to know when you’d like to harvest. I would guess you are 4 weeks out. When looking at strain information it is based on averages. Don’t pay attention to that but what is happening to your plants development.

Looking good.
8 to 10 weeks from when pistils appeared

Oh okay well that’s comforting to know they can go longer. The strain info on the seeds said 70 days seed to harvest. I’m at 61 rn and I was wondering how much longer it can take considering the internal clock. Thanks bro

9 weeks from seed

From seed clock does’nt matter. It’s from when it’s starts to flower when the time starts. Takes 8 to 10 weeks for buds to form and ripen.


Oh I was just saying how old it is. But that’s crazy, it’s like that even for an auto flower rated “10 weeks seed to harvest”? She’s only been in flower for 2 weeks lol. You think this could really be a 15-17 week auto?

Those plants are squared away, keep doing what you’re doing.

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Keep on growing on! In about 3 weeks come back and look at these pics. Youll be floored…

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Yeah, thats just a gauge and is very dependent upon the conditions in which they are grown. Its the same with thc percentages, all just averages. Here is a link to jewelers loupe. You have plenty of time to order one and definitely need one. You want to be checking the trichromes on the buds in various locations. Trichromes start clear, then go cloudy, then begin turning amber. These are not the hairs you are seeing on the buds right now those are the pistils. It is important that the trichromes mature to cloudy. After that, the percentage of amber is up to you. The more amber the more couch lock you will experience. Personally I like cloudy with about 10% amber trichromes.

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Here is link to jewelers loupe

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Looks like another month or more…those buds will keep on building

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Thanks bro yeah I’m just now figuring out that auto flowers can grow well past their “internal clock”. I thought it was seed to harvest regardless of where the plant is personally at. But everyone is saying much more time than the 8-9 weeks it was said to harvest at.

If it takes 8-10 weeks just for buds to form/ripen, why do you think all of the auto flower seeds are sold with a time estimation of 8-10 weeks seed to harvest? That seems incredibly unrealistic right? That’s literally 0 weeks for germination, seedling, and veg. How can they even say “10 weeks - seed to harvest”?

How can all of these website say “10 weeks - seed to harvest” if it takes 8-10 weeks just for buds to form/ripen?

Thanks bro just ordered them

I’m not sure man. I think it’s a marketing gimmic to make them sound easier and faster. I have never grown autos.
My brother has and they usually run right around 100 days from seed.

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Like I said, that’s purely based on an average and on optimal growing conditions. Flowering times are based on after veg growth. An autoflower may grow for 4 weeks before starting to flower. So total growing time could be 14 weeks.

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Some do take only 10 weeks. A professional set up with optimal lighting and proper feeding schedule probably will finish in 10 weeks. You however are not a professional grower and have the best conditions possible. So therefore it may take longer. Just averages man, keep your eye on the trichromes and youll have a harvest in a month


Thanks bro! Very helpful!

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