Good morning to you

Was having some coffee and a smoke and maybe a few bong hits and realized I had not wished any of my new fam here a good morning

I hope this day finds you in good health and good spirits and that you have the best day ever at least until tomorrow


Morning. Having a cup of coffee and a few dabs of some dark plasma myself :laughing: might even press some dark yoda in a bit to give a try. Have a wonderful day buddy. Stay lifted :weight_lifting_man:

Good Morning to You fellow grower. I hope your day is Awesome as well! :blush:

I need help with my babies

Aww what’s your issue? I’m very n00by but maybe we can brainstorm as a community and get it fixed

Oh and welcome to the community too I see you just joined

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Sheesh…and my wife says I always take things to the extreme. Let er eat ol’ son!!


Man i been up since 515 am. Lol. I dont get too much sleep anymore. Pld age is kicking in and sleep just dont fall in my favor. 3 4 maybe 5 hrs if im lucky


I hear ya. I had a wicked dream last night so I was up by 5 this morning. Not doing dabs though…just the coffee lol

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Morning! I hope you all stay lifted and keep on keeping on because I love seeing pics of your plants along the way!

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Good morning! Hope you have a great day.
Happy growing…

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Morning fella’s, I hope everyone here has a relaxed and chilling day today.

We feed the birds and squirrels on our 3rd floor balcony from morning on so I’ve been surrounded by wildlife all morning

Howdy from the Big Thicket. Unjarred some White Widow this bright and shiny morning.

Just a couple of grams to get a taste.

Wifey wants me to get a rosin press.