Good Luck with Soils Besides Sandy Loam

I was reading an article that briefly mentions the strengths of sandy loam as the best soil for weed, which got me curious what other soil types the growers here have used that had particularly nice results. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sandy loam but I’m just asking out of curiosity and for future reference. Thanks!

VWel welcome back @GrassClippinz,

I use something of equal value as Pro Mix B X , neutral soil, bat guno and worm castings.
And I have had great results with it. I leave out the bat guno for my seedlings.

Hope this helps



Awesome - yeah, I’ve been reading up on worm castings but have never used bat guano. Thanks for the tips!

Bat guno is an awsome product but it is " NOT " for seedlings
I use two tsp per Three gal bucket of soil. I also use

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Good basic reciepe…
A few tips…
Get a good quality organic POTTING soil from homeDPot or lowes or nursary.

Lots say you gotta use chunky but I’ve been useing miracle grow perilite for ever no problems

To each thier own but peat is a NOT renewable resource
I’d use coco coir but peat is availeable in bales at homeDPot and lowes

Great stuff!! Bunch of brands out there. EWC is great and has tons of good beenies in it. I use Rechage.

Toss in some Flowrtone (6 cups) and Tomatotone (3 cups) per cubic foot (8gallons) of mix
Water let rest for at least 2 weeks min
Longer the better

No need for vermiculite, ph buffers or wetting agents



Good stuff I was Recharge too :v:

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Sounds like a nice formula! So you pre-mix and then let sit for the 2 weeks minimum?