Good luck everyone

good luck to everyone who is going through this heat wave this week…i woke up at 3am this morning and it was already 86f outside so i know its gonna be a rough 1 this week, indoor and out


Same here. I am playing golf today, but I’m going to hibernate from the heat for the rest of the week (100+ temps.) It’s supposed to let up Friday or Saturday here in the midwest.

Y’all be sure to drink enough water if you have to be outside. Dehydration will give you a bad day, or worse.


i work with 1 other person at my job who happens to be on vacation this week so ima be out having to do the weeks work by myself in this crap lol, gonna have to pace myself definitely


We are having those excess hot temperatures upper 90’s above 100° with the heat index. And on top of that we have the Sahara dust to contend with. Happy growing :blush::v:Stay hydrated :sunglasses:


We just had a +100°f weekend here in SE TX. It’s going to be between 96-99 this week. It’s been mid-/high 90’s for over a month, windy, and very little clouds. No freaking rain except a couple of days a few weeks ago.

My plants hate me. 2 can’t keep up with the dry heat, but they’re done this week, thank goodness.

Also, aside from the grow…


If you can, take a 10 minute break every 20-30 minutes break. Don’t chug ice cold water. Keep your head covered. Heat exhaustion itself is a bxxxx. Heat stroke can kill you!

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I’ve done all I can do. Cleaned the evap and cond. coils and return air filters. Summers here and it sucks. Glad I don’t have to work in it anymore. Got my 21 degree differential on the A/C and ready to hunker down for the dog days of summer.

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Purty hot here in Texas.