Good led panel for small indoor grow

A question from a fellow grower:

What’s a good led panel for a small indoor grow.2 1/2x2 1/2 x6.need expert advice please.but not breaking the bank.ty

not sure about dim. but i have a mars hydro 300w in a small grow box approx.2ft*3ft and it works fine!

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Those look like pretty decent lights, they are a TopLED manufactured brand, and TopLED is a Chinese company that makes many of the “off brand” or second tier name brand LEDs, like MarsHydro and I believe Apollo as well.
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This also appears to be a great price.

They actually use 140 watts each, not at all the 300 in the label, but they admit that, one of the things that I kind of like in a LED or LED company, honesty in what the light actually is made of and the power it uses.

140 watt, divided by 50 watts per square foot, and you get almost 3 square feet, and so I’d say it is at least good for that size footprint. I’d even imagine each one would do ok in a 2x2 area.

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I have a 400 cob style and I also own 300 watts led 9 band that works great :+1:
400watt full spectrum 2 cob roleadro
300watt galaxy hydro 9 band
both purchased on Amazon for less then 100 ea.
And either should work well for your needs
Plus led equals less heat
Good luck :+1:


Looking to turn my heat down a little this summer, so that two-pack of Mars 300 would do a 4 by 4’ veg tent right ?

I would think they would no problem @Paranorman

I’m using this one on a 2 / 2 / 8 closet

I’m a very happy costumer :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:

I have the 1000 watts one and it’s a really budget friendly light :innocent:

You can find it for 154.66 on


@Niala thank you for posting that, I’ve seen that brand before and always good things said about it

the 1200 would do my 4x4 at only 250 Watts I am adding LEDs this summer to my veg tent (4x4) to reduce heat and energy consumption

I think this might be a fine choice? I put it in my Amazon cart and am going to research it later but if you could keep me informed on how you’re doing with it I would be very grateful!


My first growth, AK-47 as been with this light and achieved big yielding with it :wink: :innocent: , with a 4x4 tent i’ll suggest LED strips lights in each corner for support :wink::innocent:

@Niala do you have an Amazon link for the LED strip lights?


Thank you for the input I’m only interested in veg and I do not veg aggressively as I often run into scheduling conflicts in the flowering area… (I intend to keep my 400/600/1000 watt high pressure sodium for flowering)

I’m looking for something low wattage/heat that will do a good job in veg and this light might be a good candidate, thank you and please keep us updated

The other link is a review by a reputate LED guru and in association with amazon :wink::innocent:

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@Niala I got that one OK. You mentioned using LED strip lights down the sides or something like that.

This is what I’m referring to

My local hydro stores stopped selling strips they don’t speak well of them

I just want one lite I wouldn’t do a buncha lights (side lighting this and that’s not my thing but you know each their own )

I’ve only seen the strips at my local Hydro Store so please don’t go by me I’m just trying to learn about LEDs too

And frankly if the wattage start adding up close to 400 I’ll just use my metal halide at 400w, I have the ventilation, I just kind of wanted to save some wattage

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They exist in different watts, these one are rigid and work on 12 volts however they make it in 110-120 volts too. You can find flexible one too​:wink::innocent:

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Thanks @Niala

@Paranorman I’m doing the same. Learning so I don’t waste $$ and I can make informed decisions. Thanks for your input!


I got one of those it does a good job for me to but I did add a couple of extra Meizhi reflector series to it also but before that it still did a good job in a 3x3

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I’ve got 3 lights going on mine now 2 lightimetunnel 300watt units and a lighttimetunnel 135 watt ufo. They are cheapos I got off Amazon, but they have worked well for me. I have a Sativa in Early flower in a dwc under these, it’s budding nicely. I don’t think you will get the big yields of more powerful units, but i’m on kind of a tight budget, so they work for me.

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@Countryboyjvd1971. Man, I could use some help. I have two Roleadro 300 2and gens and one 400w cob and i can’t get the correct heights dialed in. Myy ww under the cob, top 6in of buds look good, but below that they look airy. So any help at all will be greatly appreciated