Good Indoor-Grow Light

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Looking for a good indoor grow light, can you recommend one?”

How big is the Grow space?
Do they want LED?


This type of a question needs more info or we’re just guessing.



I agree with @ktreez420 and @Sl1 would need to know the size of your grow room to give the best suggestion.


LED’s are fine!

I have used LED and HPS. I started with a mars Hydro400 w LED, then went to a Pro Grow 400xl. Then I tried a 400 w HPS during winter months to add extra heat in my room. I finally saved the money for a Kind K5 1000w LED which is one of the top of the line Led lights. My room is only 6 x 4 x7 and all of the lights worked well. I really like the Kind led because it has less heat and more light, but I liked the HPS also. I think its a matter of preference and cost. The good Led are expensive and the good HPS are very affordable. All depends on the size of your grow space as previous people have told you.


What kind of yeild are you getting in the 6x4x7 with the kind xl1000?

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I am getting over 1 oz per plant and that is getting better every grow. Just learning how to adjust the light because it is so powerful. One of these days I will scrog but it is hard with individual buckets because of changing the water. I like to clean the buckets every time I change the nutrients, maybe its overkill, I am learning every time. I am still a newbie at 3 years growing and am finding out we will always be learning, but thanks to people like ILGM and all of you great people sharing info it is so much easier. Keep the faith, Its a long strange trip.

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How many plants are you running in the 6x4 @620smitty? It’s 24 sq feet, is the xl-1000 the only light you run in there?

I’m just trying to get a feel for the yeild compared to your area vs light relationship, not being snotty or anything like that. A zip per plant could be a lot, or a little, depending on how many plants. Due to the ability to run a very short or long veg, yeild per plant is kinda vague.

Hi, The last run was 9 plants in 2 gallon buckets and it takes up most of the floor space but with enough room to move them around to test water and trim excess leaves. Sometimes I use 5 gallon buckets and have a couple less plants. The K5 1000 w light is all I use and all I need in that small space. It has built in timers and can be set to simulate sunrise and sunset, plus you dont have to use all 1000 watts, its adjustable. Its a very pricey light, but I dig it. You could probably do as good or better with HPS but in my situation with the small space its better for energy savings and heat and no I dont work for Kind. I whish I did, I could have gotten the light cheaper. Keep America green.

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I’m not a fan of the kind lights, but that’s a personal thing for me. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good lights.

As a side note, I didn’t realize that it would pull 1000 watts under any condition. Manufacturer says it’s like 650 max right?

Anyways, 9 oz under 650 watts in 24 sq feet… do you tinker with the different settings? You can probably get that up to a pound plus. Just a matter of seeing what’s gonna maximize your space.

I know it is not a true 1000w but none of the LEDs I researched put out what they are saying. They seem to be about 2/3 of what they advertise. I strive to get a pound per grow and I will get there someday. In the winter I will put my HPS light in the room. Thanks for your input, Smitty

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No problem, you definitely have a set up that will get there.

As far as the lights go, there’s quite a few that advertise actual wattage. You may just have to look a little harder for them. You should be plenty good with what you have though, I’ll keep an eye out for that big harvest!

@dburn32 I’m looking for best bang at mars hydro led for a 4x4x80" tent. Thinking two smaller ones instead one big one for option of possible two different heights. 4-6 plants. Min amount of plants to fill canopy scrogging. Hope it’s ok I posted here. Tia any and all advise gleefully accepted.

I’m not super familiar with what they’re offering right now. Seems better than their older stuff. Try using search bar and finding some journals where you can get a good look at performance from start to finish. If I run across any i will try come back here and link for you.

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Thanks. Wish I could afford the really good new led’s but not an option.

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