Good Indica Auto

Looking for a Indica whid big crop wish Auto?
Growing Autopot and qb2x288hlg.

Amnesia Haze
Bergman’s Gold
Girl Scout Cookies
Gorilla Glue

The highest percentage indica with a high yield is Blueberry.
The highest THC indica with a high yield is Gorilla Glue.

You can find the complete list sorted by potential yield here:

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Go on the ILGM website and use the strain finder. I’m not so great with puters but maybe someone will come along and link it up for ya.

But G.G is 50/50 looking for +80 indica.

But thanks for the names.

My apologies - when scanning the columns I obviously saw that one incorrectly.

Hehe dont take it wrong love that strain,Big time.

Got Gdp Blast Auto hope they give Relaxa.

Why limit yourself to an auto for your selection? You know you can trigger flowering as soon as a plant shows its sex?

I’m assuming they want an auto for a reason. Some of us like autos. :grinning:

Sweet Seeds Bloody Skunk is an indica that will knock your socks off. Can get a huge yield, especially in autopots with that light of yours.

GSC is a fav of mine.

I haven’t had gorilla glue, but everyone I know has loved it.