Good Idea to Veg?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I’m sorry to ask this here, but I tried the website to ask questions about growing, but it didn’t work out for me. We are doing the chronic widow. I have 4 he has 3 but he is a plucking idiot. Can you please tell me if it’s a good idea to let your plants veg for 64 days and then start flowering? Stupid idiot thinks that because it says 64 days flowering, but I know that’s the time it takes to go from seed to flower and done! He won’t listen to me so maybe if he sees this from ILGM then maybe he will listen. Hope to hear from you soon please. I’ve already done the AK 48 auto and I did it by myself and did great and he won t sit back and let me do the work since I am the grower. Please save me from him messing up those other 3 please. "


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You can essentially veg a plant for as long as you’d like. Or at least as long as you have room for. Just keep in mind that they will continue to grow after flowering starts. But there’s absolutely no reason to veg that long, other than to have a very big plant. I would say anywhere from 2-3 weeks veg after seedling stage is probably minimum, as plant won’t be mature enough to flower before that. But you could essentially go 12/12 from seed if you really wanted, it’s just an entirely different method of growing.


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Don’t forget, the plant can double or triple in height after the 12/12 switch.


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@ILGM.Support.Zoe 64 is days of flower alone not including veg time.


Perhaps to provide a safe answer, and un-derail the thread, regardless of how long you veg, once flowering starts it will still take 2 months before harvest.


Its totally up to you how long you want to veg for!! But if there ato flower :hibiscus: don’t have a choice