Good For Central Florida

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Hi guys…I would like to know if the WHITE WIDOW AUTOFLOWER would be a good strain for central Florida ? Outdoors…we have very hot summers with quite a bit of rain…or could you recommend a better suited strain…”

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Hi guys and gals…I’m the one that sent in this question…still trying to figure out posting a new topic…lol…thanks in advance for any info…
PS…I have been on other forums before but this one is a little hard to get a handle on…lol…for posting…

@Kcdaniels welcome to ILGM
I don’t live in FL but I do own a house near Orlando and the soil there is so sandy that soggy ground is not a problem but Summer heat is. There are several people on here that live and grow in FL hopefully they can be more helpful

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@hillbilly103 thanks for the welcome …I’m a Florida boy born and raised…back in the 70s grew weed in my closet but that was 40 years ago… do to a back injury… I fell 46 feet off scaffoldingg …don’t want to go down the pill road so I’ve been relying on marijuana medication creams and smoke along with edibles and this doing a better job than the prescription pills!
Getting tired of the expense of buying my herbs… for the most part is still illegal here in Florida so I’m looking to get back into just growing a few plants for personal use and it is a whole lot different than it was years ago …all these fancy strains and back then you couldn’t really find a bud it was just leaves …lol


Welcome to ILGM!
I think you would be ok with any of the strains sold on here to be honest. They all seem to do well so it would really depend on your experience level and what you are looking for in a final product.

As for this forumn the more you read and the more you post you gain more access. I would recommend browsing through topics and liking (the little heart symbol) people’s posts. By doing this it kind of levels you up allowing you to post more often etc.


@Kcdaniels Were you planning on an indoor or outdoor grow? If you were going indoor, then every strain ILGM has will work. Feel free to ask as many questions as you have. I’m in my first grow just north of you and the folks here have been very helpful. The more I read the better my grow goes.

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    @Jmesser  Thanks for the welcome !  

Well experience wise I have planted gardens and such but the more i read it seems like these new strains while being more potent are more temperamental lol…
I’m learning the site and reading lots…


@GetbackJoJo thanks for the response…
Yeah I want to grow outside as i don’t i have the room for a proper indoor grow…
What are you growing and how are the doing with the heat ?

Beginner myself and I’m going through the same as you. I’m not in Florida now (living in the Midwest) & on first grow of widow. I’m confident she will do fine for you. Sooo much has changed since the 70’s😊


@Kcdaniels I’ve got two White Widow autos growing in 7 gallon fabric pots in a Walmart purchased greenhouse. The greenhouse was less than $100. I started my grow in my garage right when we were having a bit of a heatwave here. They made it through the seedling stage and I was forced to move them out to the greenhouse. My digital thermometer has registered a high of 123* even with a fan trying to pull in outside air through a vent. I’m right at 3 1/2 weeks in and they are both doing well. I’m about to set up a 3x3x6 tent in my closet and finish them in there and start a new grow with some Blue Berry autos.

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I’m going to be out of town till first week of September…do you think that would be to late to plant here in central Florida ? Or should I wait till next April or May ? This would be outdoors …
Maybe use WW auto ?


As long as it doesn’t get too cold in early November you should be good with the autos. I’ll tag you on my grow. I just posted a new pic this morning.


@GetbackJoJo. Thanks…I’m like a kid in a candy store I’m reading all over the place…lol
Thanks for the add !

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Hey What did you come up with on Growing in Florida?
There is some Florida guy’s here
@FloridaSon @Budbrother that I Know of, I Have some Amenisa Haze auto’s going in grow tent, LSD, Gold Leaf and White widow outside


Thanks for the tag @Rick3
What’s up @Kcdaniels I’m in Central Florida as well. While lurking around, I have seen your posts. Tag me on any future endeavors

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Me too Please
Us Florida people have to Help each other


Always ready to help a neighbor. Tag me and I’ll get to it as soon as I’m able.

I’m here in Florida also and I’m an inside grower as it not quite legal here yet. But as far as outdoor I have yet to do so because of it legality. Hopefully once it does become legal I can get a garden growing outdoors with the max amount allowed to grow per household. I have regular AK47 and Sour diesel for outdoors to work with. Those are my choices and I hope this helps a little.


I live in central FL and I am growing Crystal and Bergman Gold and they are doing good out side. I am growing in 5 gal pails. You just need to make you watch your watering with the heavy rain make sure you have plenty of holes for drainage and they dry out fast because of extreme sun.