Good for a grow tent?

For the price i am strongly considering this… any thoughts? it 69"deep x 69" wide x 66" high. I dont mind the worshop, but winter is approaching, and not sure how my plants will do in the shop. i certainly wouldnt mind this in my bed room. 100 bucks seems like a good deal

If you donyour homework you can find a big grow tent for cheaper.

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wow thats cool…thanks for the link

That is just a accessory for a gorilla grow tent . I almost had that in my cart last week before I realized I would still need another tent @Soilgrowth lol I did the same thing

Thank you. I doesn’t really say that

In the fine print on the bottom

Lots of people use Apollo tents they’re available on Amazon pretty cheap good luck

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I’ll do some research for it, if and when the time comes… I may not even need it just depends on how cool the shop gets in winter… I’ve never really payed attention to how cold it gets in there . I live in deep South Texas so winters aren’t too harsh here

Then I would think just a small space heater would work for you in the shop. The tent is still a good idea simply to cut down on wasted light, but the small heater should be fine for your shop.


good idea Florida, ive seen some really cheap at the dollar store…hopefully my light bill wont jump up too much

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That would be a good grow tent for outdoors! Super stealth.

I could use it to hunt out of during the spring and fall. I like it.

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