Good comparison photos indoor vs. outdoor plants and flowers

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Right now, we’re looking to improve the following article: Indoor vs Outdoor Grown Cannabis: Whats the Best Environment?

What we need:

  • A better main image: A side-by-side comparison of an indoor and outdoor grown plant in the same photo, taken from a clear angle with a pretty or non-descript background.

  • A side-by-side comparison image that shows the difference in plant height, growth structure (leaves, cola, stem), and, if possible, the difference in color.

  • A side-by-side comparison image that clearly shows the difference in bud structure (dense/fluffy) and, if possible, the color difference of the flower. As a side-by-side comparison in one image.

  • A side-by-side comparison image that clearly shows the difference in trichome density, both on the flower as well as the (sugar) leaves. As a side-by-side (close-up/macro shot) comparison in one image.

If you have or can make any or all of these requested images, let us know asap! We’d love to use them to update and improve our guides right away. Of course, you’ll be rewarded with store credit and everlasting fame through a photo credit on the relevant blog page.

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I have some bruce banner auto indoor pics. I wasnt exactly trying to win anything when i took them so theyre not exactly professional quality. I would have prepped them a little better for photos. But the bud structure and size of the colas alone is better than any Bruce Banner Auto ive ever seen.

I guess ill pop some fresh beans and start this project over again and focus on showcasing


I’m not an outside guy so can’t help in that department. Hope these are ok


Okay here’s a comparison I have of Bergmen Super skunk I grew this plant in my closet under a hlg 100, it was a fantastic dense bud, plant was topped at 9 nodes and yielding 4.8 of nice dense buds.

Heres a Super skunk from my daughters outdoor grow and was topped once at 3 ft, it definitely had more bush shape and all her buds were super dense everywhere, whereas my indoor grow only the top canopy were dense.

Sorry no tricome pictures, hope this helps :+1:


Thanks for sharing @Ebb, @DoneDeal @Dennis62.
Your plants (and hard work) look great! Happy to see our seeds got so much love and attention from all of you.

Unfortunately, these pix are not really what we need or what the briefing in the top post asked for. We need “comparison images” that clearly (in one view) show the differences between indoor and outdoor-grown cannabis.

This means the subjects (the plants/flowers) need to be in the same frame and/or at the same angle. (an angle that gives the reader a clear view of what we want to show)
And preferably with a non-descript or nice-looking background that doesn’t distracts from the main focus. (yes, that means no dishes in the background. I’m looking at you, @Dennis62 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_heart:)

Please both read the briefing and article in question carefully and keep in mind the context of that article when taking and submitting images in this thread.

Again, thanks for sharing. Sorry we won’t be using the ones you’ve shared. Please, do keep trying though!

If we come across work that fits the briefing, you’ll be rewarded with ILGM store credit and everlasting fame by means of your (forum) name underneath the images on our blog!

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Indoors Alaskan thunder f**k -

Indoors Alaskan thunder f**k -

Wedding cake

Wedding cake is in pot for pot superbs soil and Alaskan thunder is in oceans forest mix with happy frog

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Indoor Godfather OG ‘root over skull

Outdoor Godfather OG


Omg this is what I grew out side a couple years ago that did what I thought was great but damn those are huge buds. I love the Bruce Banner strain. I made a lot of canna butter and some chocolate chip cookies that would knock your socks off. I hope mine looks as good as your does. How long you been doing this if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t have the set up you have. I’m just growing them like I grow peonies or other flowers. Except don’t use cheep dirt.


@ILGM.Herbert, I just texted a friend who’s the only person I know who grows indoor and out. If he can get me the kind of pics you’re looking for, would it matter that he’s not a member of the forum?

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Indoor vs outdoor pics is going to be a hard find. I have some Super Silver Haze i can rock in and outdoors i guess. See ya this Fall lol.

exactly what I was thinking only fruity pebbles auto. hopefully it isn’t time sensitive :rofl:

@ILGM.Herbert is this what you are looking for. Both white widdow. Same genetics. One indoor one outdoor.

Edit: missed the last bullet. I’m sorry. Delete if needed

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Are we to grow indoors and outdoors?
It would be best if you nominate a strain that will be grown inside and outside so you can get the comparison.

my indoor girls White Widow,Girl Scout,Zkittlrelz, Bubble Gum and cherry pie


Indoor Godfather OG:



While growing:


Just started a new grow from popping seeds, plans are to grow 2 DP inside a grow shed hydro and 2 in a greenhouse soil. Should be no problem with a side by side progress and a sheet backdrop. I know this is not what your looking for but its the first step.

From start of dunking seeds to rock wool in my Greenhouse build on the cheap.


Here is my outdoor grow. 10-12 footers at harvest time. Blueberry, strawberry cough, blackberry Kush and Maui. Grown in Michigan yielded about 9 pounds total
Happy smokin


Last years bag seed(creamsicle/pleasanttrees)This was about 103 inches at harvest. Like 7 months, chopped October 25th.

Michigan can have a long grow season, its a long time to keep a plant healthy. Buds got dense and were super greasy. I dont have much to compare with as im on my very first indoor attempt.

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