Good 1:1 strain available on this site

I’m looking for a strain that is about 1:1 CBD:THC. I don’t need exactly 1:1, but I’d like to have somewhere between 8% and 15% of both CBD and THC. The closest thing I’ve found is Harlequin, but it’s a little low on THC. From my reading, Pennywise is the ideal strain that I’m looking for, but it’s not available on this site. Is it ever available here? I’ve ordered it on a different site, but I’m not confident that I’m getting the real stains from that site. My first grow with seeds from there turned out to be an auto-flower when it shouldn’t be, so who knows what I actually got. Beware of Pacific Seed Bank. ILGM will be my only trusted source in the future.


Super critical CBD is a good CBD/THC strain, but I’m not sure that ILGM has it.


ILGM also has Critical Mass that’s 1:1 between 6-9% of both.


I grew out a TGA Seeds (DJ Short?) Harliqueen. It was Harliquin x Space Queen. Pretty close 1-1. And absolute dream smoke.

I know it aint ILGM but just putting it out there. Pennywise I believe is a sinilar crossing. Seeing as how Romulan is in there somewhere (i think)