Gonna scrog it this time . Cali dream


This first pic wwa is going outside to finish when she get little bigger. 100% coco about 2 weeks old 55w 5500k cfl few inches from top. Temp 70s. Just started feeding 1/8 nutes since in coco


Also, California dream. Same set up


@raustin @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 any idea what is going on with them?


My Head Cheese looked just like this. I chalked it up to being me overwatering her, and the soil being a little too hot for her. I’m not sure if it’s similar issues in coco, though.


The new growth looks hungry, though, on yours. I’d bump up the next feeding a bit and see what happens. Although, it could just be the lighting in the photo. You know best in person. Mine acted like it was overfed, then only a couple days later like it was starving.


Yes, I agree with @elheffe702, they look hungry. Coco contains nothing, no nutes at all, so you must feed all the time. After the cots die of there’s nothing in the medium for them to live on. Give them a good feeding at full strength and they should be fine.


I’m in agreement with @raustin and @elheffe702 :v:


Yes in coco they only get what you give them. I feed every water in coco, that being said there are 2 issues with coco that may not be helping. 1 if it’s off brand and depending on its process alot of the coco out there have excess salts built up aND require tons of flushing before you use I have only found 1 brand that’s pretty much ready to use right after the fluff. And 2 I already touched on you have to feed more in coco it’s passive hydro, hydro the get nutrient solution all the time except very beginning whIle in seedling stage and in late flower to let the plant consume itself. That being said your two round feeder leavessel (can’t never remember how to spell their actual name) but they are yellow and done so I would start feeding her she loops hungry to me. And if you didn’t flush the coco good before you planted in it a good flush may be in order (all though she just looks hungry to me


Cotyledons! I saved it and anthocyanins and all kinds of other sh*t I can never remember how to spell correctly into my keyboard’s dictionary on my phone :joy:


Nice. I do that a lot