Gonna need some help

I got FFOF soil and the trio I understand not to use nutes till week 5 but I need help with the weekly schedule and can I put half the feeding chart into the same gallon of water and feed or do they each need to be in a separate gallon?

The Foxfarm feeding schedule is on their website. When you mix the nutes you can put them all into the same gallon of water.

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If I’m growing in 5 gallon grow bags how much water would I give them on the water days?

Just curious if you are growing outside or indoor? How old are your plants and what size containers are you in at the moment?

@Clittle25 So a rule of thumb I like to use is only water your plants when the soil is dry down to 1 Finger Knuckle deep. Now that you know when, on to how much. it’s best to water plants until you get a runoff at the botttom of your pots to ensure that most if not all of the root system has has contact qith nutrients or water. you never want to overwater small plants as you will drown them nutes or not. As well, you never want to overwater bigger plants with plain water (No Nutes) no nutes or not, because you don’t want to wash all the salts and nutes out of your medium. Always an Opinion, Keep up the good work and Stay Green!

In my 5 gallon pots I usually need a gallon and a half to get runoff, but it depends on how big the plants are, sometimes I need as much as two gallons. Make sure you test your runoff Ph and PPM.

Thanks guys also I’m gonna put Mylar on my walls do I need to have shiny side or the dull side facing out?

You would want the shiny side facing plants to reflect any wasted light back to the plants.

Thanks guys y’all have been a lot of help I’ll keep in touch with you for updates and questions. My water always needs to be between 6.2 and 6.9 right?


This is everything I’ve got I’m still waiting on my carbon filter system 4 more bags of soil and the seeds were gonna set the room up tomorrow. I’ll got all fox farms stuff. One last question on week one of the feeding chart do you start giving nutes a month from the day you plant or a month from the day it sprouts.

hows the progress looking?

3 of my good seeds have sprouted still waiting on one tho

how long can I keep a plant in veg?

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You can keep a plant in veg for as long as you want to.