Gonna make some edibles for my mother in law


I studied you recipe a bit. i have the general idea
But i have questions.
How much cannabis is enough? Do i want to grind it up before i decarb it? I did before… i figure itll heat more evenly that way

That brings me to another question. Can i follow all the same steps with butter or another oil? I dont like coconut oil…
Whats the end goal concentration? I mean if a batch of brownies takes 1/2 cup of oil how much would i have to eat to get the affect im looking for, from your recipe?

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I do it same way for any oil or butter

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@basementstealth Do a quick search on u tube. I found By Quantam 9, inc. that lays out his process from dosing to baking. I think you find it helpful. Sorry can’t post a link here.

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:thinking:cant find it



Try this…



Oh they are good. Heres what i did. I used 3.5 grams ground up, decarbed at 170F for 20min. Put 1/2 canola oil in saucepan. Heated to 3 of 10. Added grounds to heated oil. Simmer just until light browning. Filter the grounds from the oil. Put saucepan outside in the ice/snow.
Once cool added it to the other wet ingredients, mix well. Add powder (cause scratch means i added milk and eggs, lol) mix just enough then put in oven at 400F for 45 min or something. I cut 8x8 into 16 pieces and ate one today. Ive been functional but there were a couple hours there i wasnt sure if i was gonna be okay!!! So thats 1/16 of 3.5 = 218mg plant matter per brownie. I dont know the potency of my flower, but i get higher than a flea on a flys ass when i smoke it.

Also i cant taste anything in it. 100% brownie. Im already thinking of using 14grams (3.5x4) then i can cut into 64 and they would be a good one-bite dose.



Can you clarify a couple of things?

Was this supposed to say “half a cup,” or some other measurement?

Does this mean you set your stove on setting number 3 out of a maximum of 10(a low heat) or something else?



Correct on both points. Thanks :+1::+1:

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