Gonna make some edibles for my mother in law



Im hihh an a kytw already

Lol look what i wrote.
I meant
Im high as a kite already


Me too but I’m never not high I guess I wasn’t for a few days when I had the flu but I’m back at it strong


I m so f@cked up iff this brownie sh!t brah


Imagine that times 10 no bull s**t


Idk if i am ready for that experience


After I’m done making it I can take it to hold it up to the sun and cannot see through the oil


Wow… do you have any? Can we send it to a lab for testing? It may have unusual properties. You could have some useful patents there…


Some call it the green sludge some call it the green monster I call it the pic you’re nuts up out of your watch pocket because it will put them in there it’s like stepping on your Dong in your golf shoes you got to watch your step :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lmao for some reason that reminds me of 6th grade camp


I won’t ask lol


That was good got me cracking up


Lol some other time. Im still processing


:woozy_face: lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that’s funny


Ya me too. And i rarely laugh like that. These days im pretty solemn


It’s the best way to be


Good stuff. Right here. The good stuff


Thank you kindly good sir. I appreciate you


When i see you first bowl is on me. Anybodies rig


I just made a cheese cake two days ago using two packages of cream cheese,14 oz sweet and condensed milk ,1/2 weed coconut oil ,1/4 cup fresh lemon juice and1 tsp vanilla mixed all together and put in a store bought pie crust. I think it might have been my favorite thing I have made (I can only eat just enough for flavor) everyone who ate it loved it