Gonna harvest, might not be ready yet

First ever grow. Blueberry, outside
I think my plants are brimming on the edge of harvest.
They have been grown outside, and the weather is supposed to be stormy with high winds and lots of rain for the next week or so.
They are just a few days from cutting, and I’m not going to be able to be here the next several days to cut them. I have no choice but to harvest now.
Trichomes are cloudy … here is a photo.


If it were me, I’d let it go longer. Weeks possibly. It’s up to you.

A full plant pic would help.

Looks like they are dropping leaves for fall.
I just don’t want them to go too far.
The buds aren’t going to break any size records hahaha.
One looks like it’s lost all of its fan leaves. Only sugar leaves are left on that one

You are not too far, but if you have rain coming, like more than a sprinkle, harvesting might be prudent. Or, make a rain enclosure.

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It’s up to you.

Rainy weather can create a hostile growing environment. Especially if it’s extended with cool temps. Sometime safe is better than sorry


We live in a rainy cooler NW climate and I’m thinking it’s gotta be now or never since I can’t be here to babysit them next few days


Look at that tricomes all cloudy is head high all amber is slobbering couch lock 50 50 mix is a good mix of head and body…
The trics on the calyxys (buds )not the sugar leafs

Maybe harvest 50%-75% now avid leave some to see?


What does mold look like under a black light?
We had to leave town as my buds were ready for harvest, so I chopped the entire plant and hung it upside down till we returned.
Hoping I don’t have bud rot, but some of the buds have looked a little silvery, and crumbly.
I’m crossing my fingers it isn’t rot, but I can’t seem to get a good enough picture at the moment. I’ll try later

That’s usually mildew does that smell like wet wood…instead of of the parts of the plant that dont have that