Gonna give it a shot at commercial grow in one of the 5 legal states


Well, not really as you are comparing prices with “grow lights” when the reality is you would be looking more at a big strip build which, thanks to the quantities needed, would drop you quite a bulk discount.

If you are looking at grow shops as a baseline for commercial growing costs then stop now, forget it,.move on because imo you are nowhere nearly ready to be thinking about any commercial side and all that entails.


You can’t set up a commercial licensed grow facility in California for $250,000. You would need a few million dollars. Some places (it varies by county) you have to pay $100,000 in fees for your license! On the other hand, there are smaller grow boutique licenses for gourmet stuff. Good luck making a living with that.

By far, the best deal in California is to grow 6 plants inside for recreational use or a few more if you have a medical card. But you can’t sell any of it legally. In some counties a medical card can get you “less than 100 plants” grower status with no license, but again you can’t sell it. So why bother? Just do something else for income and grow more than enough weed legally to keep you and your friends perpetually stoned.

BTW, most houses in California cost way more than your $250K settlement. You need to do some serious research.


Im in a newly voted medical (ONLY) state These are the baseline requirments for a commercial medical grow in my vacation paridise state! Im sure it gets much harder then just this…


Never said California. Never said I was buying the house. Was thinking more Nevada. But the bottom line is I just wanna grow and not have to worry about jail. So if I can get what I need legally to grow just for me. Fine. More research is certainly needed. And I never thought about LEDs till you guys began mentioning them. So thanks for all the info on better places to look. !@#. Maybe I'll just say !@# all the legal !@#$ and do what I’ve done my entire past and just grow a small personal garden just for me, and work for a dispensary or grow op.


Thanks BBF for all the useful info. Ppl assume I’m gonna buy a house to do all this in. And that it’s gonna be California. O never said California. There are more states that have legalized it recreational. Thanks for the info and I’ll start studying the LEDs via the info you’ve given.


Thanks for the info. I never thought LEDs we’re really a great option till all you guys chimed in. I’ll do the research via the info you volunteered and see how it stacks up. Thanks again


There’s the thing, I’m not considering anything like you but I’m seeing all sorts of things straight away which you should have already been thinking about.

As said, it’s not a case of dropping seeds and selling what you don’t need, and when you’re having to get some really basic things pointed out to you then I think it is time to stop now and re-evaluate your future because at this time it seems to me that you don’t have the slightest plan and that means you are doomed to failure.

You REALLY need to do a lot more research, not just bounce ideas around here if you are being serious about commercial growing…


Hmm. Maybe goin commercial was the wrong way to look at it. The bottom line is I just wanna grow. And I’d like it to be legal. I’d be happy working in the industry and keeping a small personal grow at home. 6 or so plants. The govt is always gonna get their piece. I could live off my govt pension but basically I’m just looking for a way to grow legally. When I started this I didint research it enough and know what was easier. Commercial, or apying for a personal grow that will allow about 6 plants. Which sucks, considering I’d like to grow from my own mothers and that takes up and more the # right there. So I’d have to sacrifice all but 2 mothers. Idk. Bottom line I’d like to just grow and keep the govt off my back… But honestly I think k it would be easier just to keep my mouth shut and grow illegally like I always have.


Agreed. Jumped into it ignorant.aune I’ll just keep my !@#$ing mouth shut and continue growing like I always have. And like so many already do.


That’s the number one rule. … keep your mouth shut


Northern Nevada is pretty nice. Up around Lake Tahoe is great for growing outside. Southern Nevada gets too hot for summer grows outdoor. I don’t even attempt it in Southern California any more. I don’t know about the Nevada rules, but In California with a medical recommendation letter you can grow as much as you need for personal use. So you could have mothers, new clones, and 6 huge flowering trees and still be legal.

We assumed you were talking about buying a house because growing in a rental is very likely to get you evicted, even if your grow is legal.


Yeh… Much cheaper than my usual supplier. Like 10x’s 5x5 coverage for less than 2k. That’s really changed my mind. I need to research color temp but off the top of your head what’s a good all around temp close to an hps or somewhere in between. I have been looking at the yields of some of the LED grows… Wow. … Anyway thanks for the tips and for not being a snarky A-hole like a lot of the other guys. So I’m ignorant about a lot of the new stuff. Everyone is until they learn.


A friend in Denver tells me if your “needs” are bad enough you could qualify to grow as many as 48 plants for personal use. Now of course that will include veg, clones, mothers , and flowering. But I’m checking the facts now. That’s not bad if true. I have no reason not to believe him, but I’m still double checking. I’ve checked out timber, and PLC. Their equivalent to a 1000wt hps is about 800. But I’d only need two if the 48 limit is true. That would cover an area big enough to grow wall to wall buds . Not 10x10. But hell you can super crop one plant to cover a 4x4 are or more. Need to do some more research on how hot the LEDs get and the ventilation. But so far I’m heading in that direction.


Oh… Noted. Yeh I’m aware it can get you evicted. I got that idea a long time ago because ppl were renting in nice areas with drive in garages driving white vans and pretty much making it their job. The more I think … The more I am against the idea. My friend in Denver says his med card allows 6 plants up to 12 unless special needs are met. He said if your needs are bad enough you can max at 48. Ummm… I just wanna grow without worrying about jail. I didn’t realize how expensive a commercial grow could be but that’s my own ignorance. I have fused vertabrae, a shattered thigh injury. And several other problems. I can’t take opiates . Strongest med I can take is ibuprofen. So this would really help me. I am constantly in pain and most of it was from my service in the US army. 3 tours. Almost 5 years and half of that was in the Rangers. But the VA can’t do anything for my pain. Scratch the commercial shit, I don’t need to be or care about being rich. My pension will get me by worst case scenario. But I really. Really love growing weed. It’s such a beautiful plant. And it never ceases to amaze how much better I feel when I can smoke. Which isn’t often. The VA frowns on veterans smoking the weed. So scratch the HIDs I’ve been researching the LEDs. They cost a bit more. Like 4 times the price of an equivalent 1000wt hps. And on a med grow I won’t make that back. However. Pain and anxiety free life is priceless. I could probably qualify for 12 plants maybe more. But you can get a lot of product off one plant. So after my legal issues are settled I’m relocating to a legal state and see if I can grow. Thanks KS for the help


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You’d probably want 3100-3500 K for a single grow room. Plants would veg faster and shorter under 5000 K, so if you have two rooms, make your veg room 5000 K and your flower room 3100 K. If you have two rooms or just two tents, you can have a continuous grow operation. When you harvest, the vegging plants go in the flower room, and the new clones go in the veg room.

My best friend is in a similar situation with the VA, but sounds like you are worse off. They keep on trying to cut his opiates which he really needs for chronic pain. He’s afraid to smoke because they keep testing him and will cut off his opiates if he tests positive for anything they did not give him. The VA is crazy: They should encourage their thousands and thousands of chronic pain patients to try weed to see if they can get off opiates, or cut way down.

You really should do your research and find a state that is not too expensive and has legal medical home grown. Six plants doesn’t sound like much but you can grow trees of excellent stuff, several times per year. I think it could easily support eternal pain relief. I think 26 states now allow medical weed, but they all have their own rules.


The problem is the VA is a federal organisation and therefore federal laws and regulations apply, and we know Federal makes no distictiin between rec and med, showing us once more how far the legislature has fallen behind reality.

The next issue is how a new generation of opiate addicts has been created by the over prescribing of opiate and synthetic opiate based painkillers, or the other issues such as the numbers hospitalised for hypoglycaemia thanks to painkillers such as Tramadol. Rightly, the call to cut the number of opiates and synthetic opiates prescribed to slow the addiction rate has gone out, but as usual the idiots at federal level jerked their knees too far and overreacted.

So there’s where the issue lies, and that’s why I fear the only route for people like Caster is to group together, as he will not be the only one, and launch a lawsuit over this to force the likes of the VA to change their rules and attitude and allow at least certain mmj products for at least certain conditions such as his,.as when even a country as backwards as the UK is stating marijuana does have medical benefits, and even a country still in the dark ages like Belgium is gearing up for producing it’s own medical mmj oils, then the evidence and benefits are clear and it’s time hands were forced.


Best advice…when the time comes for the settlement. You find a nice affordable place in a legal state with mild summer climates and in a rural area.

Then you buy your place out so you have no bills and cash left over and pension too. Grow your personal allowed limit outdoors…get them as big as you can. Have pounds to use for medicine, no expenses for indoor, and live out the dream.
If you need more to do grow your own food and take up wood carving or something…why make life harder than it has been for you?


This though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: just to reiterate. I know alot of people came off like asshats. Sorry but they were just giving you solid answers. As someone else said. U dont need 15 plants. You can veg a monster to fill a 4x4. Or pop 6 beans. Select a mother or two. Let them monster up and only flower her clones. There are ways to a will ya know. And the illegal and keep it hush idea ALWAYS works. Just buy the home first (eviction is real :joy:)


I honestly don’t know how it would work here, as I grow a technically illegal plant BUT my tenancy agreement does not actually specify that “no criminal activity shall be carried out”.

A very grey area, thanks to Belgium loving paperwork so much…