Gone's Second Grow

You referring to removing leaves? Yeah, I could do that.

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Yup. If u have 3 feet worth of leafy foliage plant material. Id slowly clear out the ft closest to the bucket. Couple branches a day.

To help with airflow as u get later into flower. Trust me. Ull need it

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Thank you. I’m all over it. I’ll put up a pic later tonight after my lights come back on. Let me know what you think when you see it.

I’ve been doing some clearing at the bottom. @PurpNGold74 please come in.


Damn it. I meant chime in. @PurpNGold74 please chime in.

Sorry bout the hiatus. Weekends im in and out. But thats much better. U do have some kinda fan in there somewhere no? Looking great all in all

No problem man. Yeah, I have an exhaust fan that takes a suction at the floor, drawing air in the top, of the enclosure. I also have a small fan that sits on the reservoir. That fan was removed only for the pictures. Thank you for the feedback. It’s much appreciated.

No problem. Im excited to see ur progress. They finna start packing on the weight now!

Show I expect much more vertical growth? I was able to raise my light to get 10 inches of clearance but I’m max’d out now.

Not really. You look around week 3 ish of flower? 5 or more from flip?

Pretty close! 4 from flip as of tomorrow.

4 weeks from flip. Got a little heat damage before I figured out a safe way to raise my light further.


To view.


Now thats a nice view. Be safe with stressors. Ur at a sensitive stage. How bout a week 5 fromflip (around 3 of flower) update?

Thank you. That week 5 update will be up tonight after lights are back on.

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Here they are 5 weeks after flip. Just over 3 weeks in flower. No additional heat damage since I got the light elevated. Buds are starting to stack!


6 weeks after flip. Just under 5 in flower.


Getting cloudy but still have plenty of white hairs so the waiting game continues.

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@GoneFission That looks very tasty. :heart_eyes:

Thank you Sir!