Gone's Second Grow

Yes. It’s a little easier to take a chance when I already have a few mason jars full from my first grow.

It might look not look like it but, the girls are in better now that they’re back in 25% nutes. I could use some advice as I’ve never done topping nor LST. They’re at the 4th node. Should I top?
I’m afraid my net pots are too deep to train them right now. Would it be acceptable to wait until they’re taller?

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Yup top em now and train em outwards. Especially that big girl

I topped the two bigger girls today. I still don’t have a good way to train them until they get above the bucket lid more. I pushed them over a bit.

I’d say they (bigger two) at the end of their second week of veg. The other is at the end of the first week. Gonna bump up to 50% tomorrow.


Finally got the bigger of the two that share a pot tied down a bit.

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They grew more short and bushy. Smoke was a bit harsh right away but has melted significantly as they cure.
I’m growing in a 3X3X9 shower stall.

were the girls flushed?

Nope. I couldn’t finish them due to time constraints at the end of the grow.

Topped the smaller one in the shared pot. Now all the have been topped. The single has slowed upward growth considerably since topping but she’s getting fatter. Seems a little droopy too. Perhaps she’s still recovering from being topped?


Was it near lights out time? They droop before dark

About an hour after lights came on. The others were perky. She seems to be growing out, not up, since topping. Healthy but stunted.

Looking good except for the first photo. My big plant does droop when the lights are not on.

Progress report. Finally got the single girl tied over a bit. I’ll be doing a water change later today and bumping up to week 3 veg nutes (50% of feed schedule recommendation). I never feed over 50%. AN nutes.

Anyway, as you can see, the doubled up pot girls are flourishing while the single girl lags behind. I’m hoping the increase in nutes gives her a boost.

There is some leaf discoloration. I don’t believe it’s nute burn as my conductivity is 389 us/cm. I keep pH 5.8-6.0. Again, I’m hoping the increased nutes will eliminate this problem also as I might be under feeding at this point.

I always seem to be chasing the pH. This RO water isn’t as buffered as the well water I used for my first grow but not having to deal with the minerals in the well water has made it worth it. At a buck for 5 gallons I’m saving money by not having to do weekly water changes (I change the water every 2 weeks).

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Did the water change and added week 3 veg nutes at 50‰.

Was able to tie down the smaller gal in the double pot.

Found my pH meter was reading almost 1 whole unit to high. So, my pH has been pretty low. Time for a new one anyway as the response had been slow even after soaking it in fresh KCl solution.

I’m going to give the runt one more week before I flip to 12/12.


Looking good so far. :+1:

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Flipping these girls in 4 days.


Flipped to 12/12 today. 50% bloom nutes.
Question… I’ve never thought of this before. If I’m feeding 50% nutes and changing water every two weeks, do I add another 50% nutes for week two, go right to week three nutes at my water change, or go to week two nutes at water change?
My gut tells me to add another 50% nutes at week 2. But that still leaves some confusion as the feeding chart changes almost every week. Hmmmm.
Anyway, as a reminder, the big gal is actually two girls in that bucket. The other is the runt. They all started at the same time. The runt is picking up some.


96 hours after flipping to 12/12.


Explosion of growth! Nice work. Lemme tag some hydroers to help with that inquiry

@peachfuzz @Bogleg @bryan (anyone heard from him?) @kettle

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