Gone's Second Grow

These are my WW photo girls. My first grow was Jack Herer auto. It turned out nicely as I netted about 6.5 Oz dried. All thanks to this forum. Thank you very much.

Anyway, the larger 2 are 21 days from when I dropped the seeds in water. I thought 1 was going to die so I dropped a third 7 days later.

Well, they all survived so this has turned into an experiment for growing 2 girls in one net pot. I’m not going for records as the wife and I won’t be done with the 6.5 oz of the Jack we have now.

Since my first grow was with autos I didn’t do any trimming, topping, or LST. I plan on attempting all 3 strategies with this grow.


Best of luck this round! And with the 2 girls, one pot thing… be prepared to train them away from each other. Gets pretty cramped around week 4-5 of veg so u better start early (around 5 nodes)

Here and watching

I want to follow this grow as well. I’ll be throwing 2 seeds in the same pot, Soil has been flushed. If both grow I will transplant one to another bucket so they wont be cramped.

6.5 oz from an auto with no LST …that’s some mighty fine harvest.

Did it grow tall n slim or Xmas tree shape? How was the smoke…smooth spicy?

Mind if I ask what are the dimensions of your growing space?

@GoneFission u need more hydroton in your bucket fill it to the top to prevent light from getting in

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Thank you. You have given me reinforcement as I was planning to train the two away from each other. My pots seem fairly deep to start even thinking about attempting training for awhile.

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Sorry if I was misleading. That was 6.5 oz from 2 plants.

Thank you. I agree. I try to add as they grow. I’m paranoid about impacting the plants with the hydroton. Should I try and pile around the edges?

Makes sense. However, since I’m hydro, I’m stuck with the two coexisting.

Are the roots coming out the bottom of net pot yet im in same boat put one seed in got 2 plants im also dwc @GoneFission

Not the little one. She’s a week behind.

Just to take a step back.

Seeds were soaked in RO water for 24 hours. At that point the tail was visible. They were then transferred to a damp (RO) paper towel and sealed in a Zip Lock bag.

After 48 hours the trails were close an inch long.

Now I transferred them to peat pots that were moistened with RO water.

If u can pull the plants up some put more hydrotone under the plants

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The peat pots went into a humidome.

Within a day the first leaves were showing. After the first real leaves were showing I watered, sparingly, with a 10:1 solution of rapid starter.

5 days later enough roots were present that I transferred them to my DWC. The little gal is a week behind but right on schedule.

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Oh, yeah. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks!

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Just be really easy try dumping out hydrotone first

I forgot to mention all my seeds are from ILGM!

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Found my pH meter was reading about 0.4 high today. So I was at 6.2 instead of 5.8.

Bumped up the nutes to 50%.

Switched light schedule from 24/0 to 18/6.

Have not added more hydroton as the roots are entangled with the net pot and in afraid of ripping them. I’ll add more as I go. No sign of any biological growth. Water change coming up on Wednesday.


Might have jumped the gun on going to 50% nutes. Water change tomorrow. Going back to 25%.

Haha. Had to test the limits right?

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