Gone back and forth on what deficiency this is

I’m having a tough time figuring this deficiency out. None of the pictures online look just like this. I am sure it’s mobile because it’s older leaves and I trimmed a bunch that were bad then it popped up on the leaves that weren’t bad and lower. Newer growth has looked great.

Im pretty sure it was a magnesium deficiency at first because the leaves had lines in them different colors etc. So I gave more mag etc. I also a few nights ago gave a magnesium foliar spray.

I just checked runoff and PH was 6.0 and PPMs were at 1000. She just started getting the full blown flower nutrients maybe a week or so ago.

I cannot pin point exactly what it is. Any help would be great. I also gave some recharge last week and some advanced nutrients revive.

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A full view from the other day before I defoliated.

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A few thoughts.

It looks to me like calcium.

That said, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus all have a symbiotic relationship. Each is necessary for the other but too much of any one can actually “lock out” the others.
Thanks to @GreenJewels for this lovey diagram to illustrate what I mean.

Anyway, I’d be adding calcium, but add according to directions, don’t go overboard or you may see other deficiency arise as a result of over-supplying Cal.


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I think it may be wanting more phosphorus. A magnesium foliar should have cleared up a mag deficiency pretty quick by greening your leaves back up. The location, and severity (quick to kill other leaves) has me thinking that she wants more (P) due to high levels of mag.

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Phosphorus is often manifested in dark rust colored blotches, less frequently spotted like the subject plant.

It often looks like this:


Calcium, conversely, looks like this:

A quick blurb about calcium deficiency symptoms

Just my two cents about why I leaned that way. It very likely is both, or for that matter all four - p, k, cal, mag. It’s not at all uncommon in flower for them all to manifest abruptly