Golgi apparatus

thanks ocean. The arthritis is to bad right now aside from the knees. But after a day of trimming I might change my tune.

tried to recreate it again and no interference… strange deal

thank you for the input. Much appreciated.

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today was feeding day for 4 of the 4x8 plants. It shoud have been water day for 1 of the 4x4 but it wasnt totally dry. It probably will be by noon. If I get home before lights out Ill check it out.

4 plants got Jacks 3-2-1 after a week of only plain water on 3 water days(my mistake). And Tribus. 2ml per gallon.
Ph IN:6.5/.6.5/ 6.6/ 6.7 Ph out 6.3/6.3/6.5/6.6
PPM in: 950/1050 PPM out 950//1050/1100/1250

Dang! Looking good. I should be taking pointers from you :100:. Love the coloring. Haven’t been able to get my widows to purple up like that yet


@Jackie_Daytona how low were your night temps getting? Did all your plants get purpled like that or just a few?


I wouldn’t worry about the EMF exposure by the way. At least not for health reasons. None of it is ionizing radiation as would be the case with something like an x-ray and there’s pretty much no evidence that long term exposure to non ionizin radiation below the threshold that produces heat like in the case of a microwave or radar dish has any health effect.


last night I saw it dip to 73 in the 4x4. thats the lowest it has ever been. Normally it is 76-78 at night in there as I run the dehumidifier all night. it is only on a few plants. others show no such coloring.


watered the 7 that didnt get watered yesterday.

Ro water (25ppm now) JACKS 3-2-1 full strength
all mixes pretty much 6.6Ph and 1050ish ppm going in. with 6ml ph up and 2 ml Trybus.
each plant was watered to run off with 2 gallons. Gave me about 1000ml run off.
ph out : ppm out
6.1 -1300
6.4 -1150


@Covertgrower with the above numbers I should be good to feed every watering with no water only days with the jacks correct?

Did you switch to jacks midgrow?

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I switched to jacks after the 7/8 week fox farm flower flush. I Had run out of some bottles and just wasn’t going to buy more and more for something I thought I wasn’t going to be using much of.

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watered today 4 of the 4x8 plants. jacks 3-2-1 ro water. 2 gallons to run off of about 1000ml.

PH IN: 6.6 PPM IN:1000(ish)

ph out: ppm out
(5)6.3 1500
(8)6.3 1400
(10)6.4 1400
(12)6.6 1350

last watering run off for these was
(5) 6.3 1050
(8) 6.3 1100
(10) 6.5 1250
(12) 6.6 1050

todays watering.
only 3 plants were dry. They had been all going dry every other day with water only.
After yesterdays second straight feeding of jacks with no water in-between i was seeing a bit high numbers in my un experienced opinion I decided to water the plants that were dry today with water only.

Ro in.
ph out ppm out.
(2) 6.3 750
(6)6.2 900
(11) 6.1 950

Plant 2 looks like shes cooked just about long enough. pistils are 99% all pulled back in. Cloudy trichomes all over the plant. Probably 20 of amber also on nearly every bud. leaves have turned colors and and falling off on their own.

Plant 4 is right behind her with almost the same cloudiness and amber just a few and i am talking a handful of longer pistils. . both have rock hard buds.

plant 4 has several bud sites on lower banches and I may reveg her. She is the shortest plant I have at only 21" tall. I wish i would have cloned number 2 as she has turned some nice colors and has stone hard buds packed full of trichomes and is maybe only 26" tall
@Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Watt-Sun @dbrn32 @ash93 @Zee @Arrow @BigHuff2316 @
the other plants
Everyone was 100% right that chimed in and said more time. Thankfully I didnt chop.
they have grown out a massive amount of new 1/4"- 1/2" pistils. They are also starting to get really frosty.

I have several plants that I was wondering why the hell are they so pointy… others are flatter on top and denser. Well they pointy plants threw out a ton of new pistils all over the tops. I imagine those will shrink back in and the calix will swell up.

temps are dropping here at night and RH was an issue keeping below 50 the first half of the evening. 100% Rh outside last night. I have good air movement so I am not to concerned right now. However it may be an issue when these fatten up more over the next week or so. I have 2 more 4500 sqft dehumidifiers still in boxes if I need to break out another one at night to keep things under control. . Power draw should not be an issue as no lights on at night and I have two circuits I can separate the units on.


another issue: as I pulled the netting prematurely to get in here and work on the plants and move them to different locations. I see I am going to run into a branch support issue on several of the plants. Some are bending now and I am supporting them with garden soft tie. I do have more netting I can try and work in there however.


if they are already bending your gonna have issues yeah, mine really put on the weight that last week and i ended up tying a couple branches up


I can do that. I didn’t really want a bunch of string in the tent but it is what it is. I do have more netting. My space is pretty big as well as the colas being defined. That will make it easy if I need to shimmy a net in there for top cola support as well.


Yeah, this time im using several screens, to avoid having to use string also. Did you hear Jeffs podcast last night? Its pretty good, he talks about pruning. Really makes me realize that i did NOT prune enough…again.lol as soon as my boy gets up ill get in my tent and really take some leaves off. He talks about pruning right before harvest as well…worth a listen


I did not. It didnt pop in my subscribed for some reason. Unless it came on after 11

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