Golgi apparatus

Exactly, plus each strain has its own genetics which plays a part in how much they consume of the nutrients you give. Some can only do well at a 750 ppm and some can be pushed to 1200. My grower’s anxiety is getting better the more i learn about Cannabis. Im starting to accept and appreciate how much of a resilient plant it is. I really cant get over it. You understand the plant better the more you look at it, and not so much the numbers


@Hellraiser I was reading over on @Zee thread first indoor grow beginner you recommended he use 2 cap fulls of big bloom when he transplants per gallon. I did not do that for my plant I transplanted today but when I do transplant the others(soon) should I go ahead and do that as well? Also wondering If I should keep at full strength or just smidge under with the cal for every watering with the RO. thanks

EDIT. and I just read three posts down on that thread and found my answers. :crazy_face:

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Big Bloom is a nice root stimulant when used by itself and being all organic is pretty mild and great for transplant watering. With the calmag, should use at full strength when any calcium or magnesium issues are visible but can cut down to about half for just a maintenance dose.

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perfect. thank you sir. I am just now reading all these post in @Zee journal. very informative.


@Jackie_Daytona, glad to see it helping you!

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It is. I started reading before and just came back to it where I left off and so many answered questions I could have seen for questions i asked the last 3 weeks. :sweat_smile:


Awesome…it really did turn into a Q&A with Hell.

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SHIT my lights have been sitting at warehouse in hong kong waiting for UPS to pick them up for 4 days now. FML

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looking for big syringes on amazon and saw this review…wow


LOL tha’ts funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Jackie_Daytona look at the reviews for Hasboro sugar free gummies bears…I died laughing

Transplant day! transplanted 11 pants into 5 gallon fabric pots. Boy was that fun!

I started by getting 7.5 gallons of water ready. Wait. No, I started by putting some reggae music on for the plants. I don’t listen to a lot of reggae music but the plants do so I am making it work. Basically whatever makes them happy. I have 3 2.5 gal containers for water. I did the ol dip the jug into the barrel trick to fill them up. starting with freshly washed hands and wiped down jugs with peroxide. I will be putting a pump in there for future waterings.

I then added proper portions of caliMagic at 1/2 dose and FF big bloom at 1 cap full per gallon.

Mixed them up real nice and took ph. every jug came out to 6.3 to 6.6 yippie!

I had two pots worth of HappyFrog and Ocean Forest mixed left so I used that up.
I started by getting my table ready for the transplant. soil,water, mykos , saucer, fabric pots and elevators all set up nice. Didn’t get a picture…
I got my fabric pot and started by adding enough soil so that when i plopped(sat) the transplanted err plant…into the fabric pot it would be about a half inch from the top. I sprinkled some mykos in the pot for the roots. I gently pressed around the edges of the plastic pot to loosen up the plant without breaking up the root ball. Don’t squeeze it or you’ll be hating life. I then did the ol grasp the stem between the thumb and fore finger trick and tilted the pot and slid the plant and soil out.
Every plant and soil slid right out and stayed together! :grinning:

this one probably had the least structure out of all of them.

I put the plant in the 5gal pot and started filling her in about half way up I sprinkled some Mykos n there and mixed it up good. I also patted the sides of the cloth pot and made sure the soil was not leaving any gaps. I filled the pot up and leveled it off so there was about half inch from the top. I added mosquito bits to the top of the soil. Enough soil there is a couple every square inch.just a sprinkling really. not a layer.
I shook up my jugs of water and poured water in a solo cup and started filling. after several cups i switched to another plants and let the first sit for a while on the elevator in a deep dish tray. Same as first and added water. I switched between the two watering and letting it sink in until I started to get some run off. I then went and went and got another plant.

At this point I mixed up a bag of ocean forest and 8 quarts of perlite in a 17gallon plastic tub I got from lowes.

Breathing perlite dust sucks. I recommend not doing it. I cleaned up my work area every 3 plants as stepping on perlite barefoot gets annoying.

From there it was basically rinse and repeat for 11 plants. It took a good amount of water to get run off. More so in the bags I got off amazon rather then the two I got from the grow shop. I hope it wont be an issue. I used every bit of ocean forest I had down to the last scoop as well as the last of the mix. I have 2 bags of happy frog left for seedlings soon.

All the plants are looking ok after transplant except one. Back row right looks like she got kicked in the nuts. Probably some shock going on there. I will open up the tent later and give the plant some reassuring words and maybe sing to it to help it transition.

The rest are looking ok. I little droop but I am willing to bet that will be gone tomorrow… I hope.


I have the seedling tent setup and am thinking about what I want to do with it. I am looking at seeds but am undecided. I also FINALLY bought a 4’x4’ tent. I am going to try the vivosun. If it’s a piece of crap or has bad zippers or leaks I am going to wrap it up like a burrito in cardboard, plastic wrap and tape and send it back to amazon and start looking again. I would have just bought the gorilla to not have the headache but I don’t have the headroom in my grow space unless.I would have to unplug the garage door to ensure the mechanical bits don’t get into the tent if it get’s opened. For me thats a fire no no removing one of our only 3 roots of escape from the house.

My lights are still fukn siting in a warehouse waiting for ups in hong kong. It is starting to piss me off. (no I told ya so’s please). Jerry from Kingbright said he sent the alibaba warehouse a message to expedite the shipment. Whatever that means. My last order was 10 days to my door from the time I payed for the order. This one has been sitting since the 27th. anyway.

Even though I did every thing I knew to make things as stress free the plants look tired and wore out from todays excitement of the transplant. Hopefully tomorrow I will be greeted by perky plants reaching for light. I will admit I was very nervous giving so much water. It took so much more to get good runoff than the smaller plastic pots.
I just kept envisioning them drowning but I kept thinking back to @Hellraiser s post regarding watering and how he knew his plants would only hold so much water no matter how much he gave in fabric pots with good drainage.

So lights just went out and temps went from 77F to 72f and RH went from 62 to 77 in a minute. I turned on the dehumidifier and turned up the exhaust and intake. All the extra green and now the moisture from the fabric pots is whats going on I am sure.


Download some “stick figure” for the plants, it may grow on you too…just saying…:sunglasses::v:

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I bought the viparspectra 4x4 and I’ve had no issues with it. I half drunk moved it and all the plants into another room due to having to host a function at my home and it withstood everything I could throw at it. I have nothing to compare it to but currently the poles are holding up 2, 240w kingbrites, a 6 inch can fan and 6 inch can lite carbon filter.

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I showed my wife the technique you use. She thinks you’re a sadistic genius.

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Tell her I say " thank you kindly "…:wink::joy::sunglasses::v:

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thats cool. I didn;t even think about hanging my fan and filter in my 4x8 it only came with 2 horizontal roof supports so it doesnt even make that tic-tac toe looking support. They are supposed to send me another set but thats been like a month of me asking opulent for them They are also supposed to send me a whole new 4x8 but they have no stock for the last month and a half.

I bought shower curtain rods like @Hellraiser used on his 2x4 for my 4x8 and 2x4 tey will be here this week. The plants in the 4x8 are still young but I can see where that neg space eats up valuable growing room as well as space for cooling.

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One of the downsides of fabric pots, they do make for higher humidity, same problem with those other smart pots, the ones with holes everywhere.