Golf leaf, critical purple, blue dream, and my first clone

Hey all i just a wanted to take some time and post what I’m up to.

I have been watching and reading along, but havent posted in a while. I’ve been super busy with work and my family, but this seems like a good time to share.

Here is my first clone. Its a monster cropped gold leaf. She is just starting to stretch her leaves.

Here is my reveg gold leaf mama. I harvested her flowering tips early in flower before revegging her. I’ve been smoking it for a while and I’m very happy with the flavor and high.


Here is my auto critic purple. Lots of tops on her. I topped her a while back and she has 7 main branches. Shes going nuts!!


Heres the baby girl, blue dream. Nice big fan leaves, the largest I’ve had yet. She’s got a nice aroma, I cant wait to see her flower.


Heres the whole garden. Thanks for reading.

Happy growing, all!


Looking good. Good to see ya around again.
How long did it take to re-veg? I am thinkin about re-veging one of my GSC so I can get some more clones off her to keep the strain going


Hey fellow grower. Tell me more of your gold leaf, how did it grow. (Difficulty) how long was it from seed to harvest. You said very good smoke…
I just birthed 3 fem photo gold leafs and have waited almost a year for grow season outdoors with them. Any advice for them I’ll be happy to gather from you. I want to keep a mother outside and clone her to grow a few indoors. Keep it up your girls look very happy.

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@Cheftodd420 I did gold leaf last season. Really enjoyed it, I did an outdoor grow and I felt like they were fairly easy to grow. For outdoors, it was very low maintenance. I started a little late, around June first. So I didn’t get the full potential out of them that I would have liked but it still made an awesome smoke.


Well my weather is still in high 40s so June is about as soon as I could put outside safely, but that’s what I’ve heard was they just grow and grow. Did u use nutes, soil?

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@Cheftodd420 I did do some nutes, it was in soil, but tbh last grow season was super busy for me so I couldn’t tend to them too much. I’ll see if I can find some pics. What’s the temp at night there?

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Last night 42° it also has rained everyday for the last month. Its frigen London like. Ground to wet rivers still brown and hi. It’s ok itll be Summer till October

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Couldn’t find any pics of the final product:/ but I mean for starting late and not doing much to them they turned out pretty good. Definitely not my best or largest harvest, but still worth it. This season I’ve started my plants inside to give them a good head start and theyre already larger than my plants from last season when they finished. So having more time is definitely beneficial. If you have the means to start them off inside I’d go for that.

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I’m not sure why it’s not letting me upload many pictures:/ it keeps only allowing like one or two and I don’t want to blow up @basementstealth feed any more than I already have😂 lol

It’s cool. I’m happy u all are here seeing the grow. I’m not sure if gold leaf is hard or easy to grow but it was super easy to flower and once she flowered it took a while to get her vegging again. I’m looking at all these reveg shoots coming up and I see how easy it would be to make about 100 clones right now… but I’ll probably wait until my clone puts out new leaves and then I’ll flower it.

Exciting news! my blue dream is flowering

Its a girl!!

@garrigan62 hey bud check my girls out


Woot woot, this is my first grow doing blue dream, probably my favorite strain. I’ve got them as an outdoor grow so they’re getting to be a pretty good size. They’re about 3 ft now and still no flowering so I’m hoping for some monsters. Tried to keep them in veg as long as possible

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Mine is autoflower so I cant control anything but her leaves are enormous, at least compared to the other grows

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Really that’s interesting. I going to go all auto this winter some gorilla glue and girl scout cookie. Maybe a cheese auto if I can find one.

I do like how the autos are insensitive to photo period. But I really like and possibly prefer the option to reveg with a photo

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I have a few grams left of my first early harvest on my gold leaf mama. I’ve decided she is the best smoke I’ve had to date. And she should be because I was literally praying to her.

I rearranged the tent to better allow my close inspection up and around my young lady here

I had to train my blue dream. Shes getting tall and leggy. This qb doesnt give her enough light in this 2x2 tent only 48 tall. I super cropped her right over and popped the stem. So I wrapped her up and today she is growing again.


Today i have decided to cull the herd. My CP is flowering on too many tops. My plan is to count up how many tops I have and reduce by fractions until i reach an evenly distributed number that will maximize the limitations in her circulation.

For the number of branches I have too many tops. I’ll spend some time tonight and figure this out

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I’m gonna need a bigger tent

Let’s see how big her buds get!


So far so good.

How does she look?

She just had her legs trimmed…

Oops sorry was her knuckle in that shot? Lol! heres a better view

Feast ur eyes growers

My girls buds growing :hugs:

The garden stretching to the light. I stood my little critical purple on paint cans so she could compete for canopy too

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