Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


Thanks, I switched to 12/12 last Thursday


Sorry for forgetting. :disappointed_relieved:


My opinion again if you tuck now your net is full and you should flip yesterday or last week. Just me opinion again


Oh didn’t see you flipped last week. Since you flipped go ahead and tuck if you can some how raise the net 5 to 6”’s she is going to fill it up so beautifully and you might have to tuck one more time and then just sit back and ride the waves


But she looks very healthy and keep up the great work


Funny - I also suggest you don’t tuck too long. I kept tucking my scrog for too long, probably because of my OCD tendencies. There’s a point at which bud nodes don’t grow new colas; they just grow part of a bud under the net. I’d say once you start seeing evidence of flowers, stop any tucking.


Thanks for the advice guys.
I’m going to keep tucking until signs of flower.
I can add a second screen if they are getting too long. :grinning::+1:


@North_East_Newbie I suggest you tuck untill you fill 70 % of screen then flip youll still be tucking during the streach weeks also anything under canopy/screen should be removed no sense wasting energy on stuff that not getting light just a fyi
Otherwise looking grest my friend
Keep up the great work :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


I roughed them up a little tonight, tucking all the tall sprouts. They’ve really stretched since flipping the lights 5 days ago.

Transitioned in some flower nutes (Cha Ching & flower power bloom)


She bounced right back.


Yeah she did! She won’t be held down lol


Resilient! Lol
This has been the easiest grow I’ve done.
Love the gold leaf genetics!


I haven’t had the pleasure of growing GL, but everyone growing them seems impressed!


Have some “Gold Leaf” seeds that are next in line after my current grow :grin: can’t wait :+1:


You won’t be disappointed.


After looking at yours I don’t think I can wait might drop a few in water tonight :wink:


Fed more open sesame.
Mixed in some boost nutes.
Been defoliating. They are stretching.


Wow she look great man, top everywhere, and so level :+1:
Great job @North_East_Newbie


Beautiful Scrog man!


Thanks @Nug-bug & @MattyBear!
Can’t wait for flower!