Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


Looking good!


Thank you! It’s been a fun grow so far


She’s going to turn out great @North_East_Newbie


She’s looking great and my I ask what nutrients are you using


Looks very healthy.


Fox farm grow big & flower power.
Will start to transition to flowering nutes this week.


Looks outstanding. I use the fox farm Trio myself with a few other things added in. I like them too. I’m going to start to follow the flushing more on the fox farm schedule with my next grow. See if I can see a difference. Keep up the great work they’re beautiful! Enjoy



Honestly if you are not heavy feeding your babies then a two week nothing but water diet before harvest will suffice. Me personally I only flush when I have a problem to get a fresh start so to say. But in other words to each his own happy growing


Looks great! You’ve got a better start than I did on my GL scrog, so I’m sure you’re going to be thrilled with the results!

Definitely to each his own. I don’t pretend to have much experience, but I sure enjoy reading a lot, and I haven’t seen scientific evidence to the value of a late flush. Since the plants don’t actually store “nutrients” and really just store sugars, it seems to me that the main purpose of this “fade” before harvest is to try to rid the plants of chlorophyll and the off flavors that come along with that.

I’ve done what @Onlythebest79 says above, and have just started to water my GL with plain water. But my runoff TDS is still in the 1500-1750 range, so I’m quite certain my soil has plenty of food for the plant. I don’t love the idea of starving the plant during one of its most crucial timeframes.

Based on what I’ve read, it seems that the cure is vastly more important than any flush/fade routine. But again, to each their own. I personally enjoy challenging “common knowledge” to find out if it’s just dogma or if there is some basis in fact, so reading the theory, then testing these things is fun for me. Others may want to just play it safe, and that’s respectable as well.


I’m no expert either or claim to be. But That’s being said with your ppms still being high enough with food/nutrients how are you starving the plant with just feeding it water. One of these days I’m going to just grow one with ffof soil and PHed water. The last 2 to 3 weeks before harvest you stop giving nutes right and just plain water? I think the 2 to 3 weeks is a flush because the plant will use up everything it has to finish out the grow and now you’ll really only have to worry about the cure now. But we are in the same page though the best weed we can grow. Dilly dilly


Yeah, I think we’re saying the same thing. So long as there’s some food for the plant, I’m OK with it. I just don’t like the idea of doing a true flush a couple weeks out, then giving only plain water with no retained food in the soil. I like your methodology more, it makes more sense to me.


Yes sir I read a lot and what I pull from it about flushes is that it’s to really get your plant back in shape if you are having problems. Flushing strips the soil the roots of all and any nutrients in pot. I did my first flush last week as I was having gnat and cal mag problems so I started over which was needed.


Thank you very much for that information. I have done just water for that one week before going to the flower 12 12 instead of Flushing. But during the middle of flower when my foxfarm schedule recommends it I didn’t always do it and I did have good results but I didn’t know if they could be better or that sort of thing if that makes sense? But thank you for sharing because your plants look outstanding and I guess you could say the proof is in the pudding. You made me feel a little bit better so thank you. Haha
Take care and keep up the great work


I’m with you guys. I do believe everybody learns and will grow different than everybody else. And some people will have good results with something then other people doing the same thing probably. I just got to keep trucking along reading the Forum and just getting more real life experience I think.
Thanks you guy/ and or gals.


I see exactly what you’re saying. And I think both of you guys are spot-on. I did not do a flush and every one of my plants before my last row but I did stop feeding them all 2 weeks and I couldn’t tell a difference. Next time around maybe I’ll have to look for more physical signs on the ones that get a flush in addition to know feeding and only water.
Thanks for all the posts this is really interesting.


I think that’s a good way to think of it too. Probably its most important function as a flush. Because as you guys are saying I think you can go 2 weeks at the end without flushing , h2o only, and your plants will taste great and smoke great.
On a side note, for me drying and curing is one of my problem areas. That will help the taste and smell of my meds . When I get to that stage I’m hitting this forum for help and advice :grin:


She’s growing above the net


Can you raise your net seems a little low or are you planning to but another above that?


I may keep tucking.
I’m ready to install another ney, if need be.


If you’re going to leave the net at that level, I suggest flipping to 12/12 and tucking immediately. The net should not be a support system solely; it’s for exposing bud nodes. Your first tuck will make that plant look ugly compared to what you see now, but in a week it’ll be gorgeous.

The health of that plant tells me it’s ready to reward you. Looking great!