Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


Looks great man. Really filling the screen out


Not much new to report. Feed more grow nutes.
She only took about a half gallon before run off.
Word of the week is: tucking


That looks awesome! Screen is pretty filled how much longer to you flip or have you already done that?


I may go another week or so before flipping.
Really want to see how full we can make the screen :seedling: > :deciduous_tree:


Ya that is cool and once they flip they going to stretch and fill that screen very nicely. Have you grow the gold leaf before?


This is my first Indoor grow of GL.
I grew one outdoor last summer, but lost it to bud rot.


That is right forgot that it was a bad year for bud rot. I grew it outside last season and moved it inside and still got bud rot not bad. I managed to save most of the plant. It was so humid and wet just when harvest was coming.


Your going to love the GL brother
Its some good medicine


Looks great brother


Looking really nice man! She’s a beast!


Almost getting ready to flip the switch to 12/12.


Filling out nicely :ok_hand::sunglasses: when you flip to 12 /12 it will really take off in growth ?


When switching the lights to 12/12 the plants stretch, as they start to flower and adjust to fewer hours of light.
Seems like I would still be able to fill out the screen more after that as well.


Man she look great and I’d say a day or two and then flip but you got it all under control. Keep up the great job


I don’t think you will have any trouble filling the rest of that screen and then some if you flipped tonight.


I’m contemplating whether to have lights out during the day or at night. My tent is in the basement and it stays pretty cool down there…



I like to have mine on during the day for security reasons trying to be stealth. Plus I don’t want to be using an enormous amount of power during the middle of the night which would be a dead giveaway. So my opinion during the day for me but I don’t know your state laws


I live in Central Mass and also grow in the basement - I will definitely be switching to lights on at night next grow and wish I would’ve done that this grow.


I live in MA too, so it’s all legal. Woohoo!!!
My last grow the AK-47 turned purple due to the low temps. I don’t want to stress her out during this grow.


I flipped to 12/12 Thursday night.
Running the lights 6:30 pm to 6:30 am, to fight the coolness of the basement.
I also switched the flower light on as well.

She’s taking About a half gallon each watering.
Alternating feed-water. Also alternating between FF grow big & flower power grow nutes. Ph’d to 6.5