Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


I’m attempting my first SCROG, using a single GOld Leaf plant.
I am growing this in a 3x3 tent, under a single 600 watt Viparspectra light.


BOOM! I’m in! @North_East_Newbie I’m a big fan of the GL SCROG!

I dd one here last summer! Huge success! Be prepared to Veg for 2 months to fill up the SCROG


I dropped the the seed December 10th.
Soaked in water for 4 days and went right into soil when she grew a tail.
She sprouted from the soil 3 days later.
Kept under 100 watt equivalent (23 actual) cfl’s.

Moved to tent, on top of heating mat when she outgrew her little dome. Hung wet towels to keep humidity levels above 60%.

Here she is December 30


I’m into the grow about 5 weeks (a little late creating the journal, but better late than never, right Bob?) adding pictures and comments with dates shortly


Looks great. One day I will do a scrog, but I can’t seem to get it together haha. Can’t wait to watch it come together


Started some Low Stress Training (bending her branches down by pinching them between my thumb & fore finger.) after she bounced back after her first topping.

These pics are from January 11th.

Fed her first nutes of FF Grow Big liquid.


Fed her a second helping of nutes using Robert’s Flower Power Grow fertilizer.
Keeping water Ph’d to 6.5

She is really taking off. Many new growth site.
I continue to LST her & trim any low hanging leaves in prep of introducing the screen soon.
January 18th…


Here she is today, January 23.

Many more new growth sites.

I may have to back the light off, as she is very short and compact.

@bob31, did you find a specific screen height worked best for your GL SCROG?
I’m debating staring the screen now or wait a little longer.


I’m also in can’t wait :blush:


Looks great


Thanks @Dieselgrower!
Hoping she will fill the tent in a couple more weeks.


Thanks @Hogmaster.
I’ve admired your grows for a long time.


Hi @North_East_Newbie

I have a hydro grow going with one on a 20” by 40” screen. I vegged for 60 days and ended up having to put a second screen on. Here it was near the end of veg:

And here it was early in flower:

And here is now, 5 weeks into flower:

Hopefully that helps you see what kind of stretch you might expect.


Throwing some tags out for any advice, comments, or to follow along
@Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @Capt_Seeweed @TxGrowman @Bogleg @Smokin_ernie @BIGE @Screwauger @Tylan


I’ve been following your grow @Bogleg & taking detailed notes LOL.
Your girls look GREAT!
When do you think is the best time to introduce the screen?
I have it ready, just waiting to pull the trigger.


Grabs popcorn and pulls up a chair…


@North_East_Newbie WooHoo :raised_hands:
Ill be watching
Girls looking good
Did you figure out screen hieght ?


Looks like I put the screen on November 14, so that’s 6 weeks after I germinated roughly. I had some fits and starts in early veg tho so you might be further a long at 6 weeks than I was.


Here was my plant before I put the screen over her:


If I were you and my plan was filling the whole 3x3 tent I would have the screen on it now at a suitable height for my light.

In my case I should have switched to flower a couple weeks sooner probably.