Golden Gorilla Grow Journal

This isn’t intended to be a standard journal. No light specs. No nutrient information… just the daily grind and pictures. Any time I post a picture I’ll at least identify the strain. Right now that’s easy, I’m about to start a new crop of Bergman’s Gold Leaf. Once the clones are ready, and the room is cleaned.

Mother plants are big enough to fill out the clone tanks. Cut clones, trimmed mothers, changed lights to 12/12. Emptied reservoir and refilled with fresh water and flowering nutes. No sense in letting these mothers go to waste.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf.
Before cutting clones and defoliation.
8 plants total

After cutting clones and defoliation.

Clone tanks are full.

Started cleaning out the grow room. Removed medium and roots from pots. Took out trash.
Gathered tools and extra equipment. I plan on getting all the extra junk out of here. More walking room would be nice.
Moved extra fan and dehumidifier into room with mother plants. Removed 7 dead clones. I only need 24, and have about 60 left. Losing a few is no big deal. The clones around the corners of the tank don’t always get the water.

The roots are easier to remove if you let them die first. Less damage to the pots. It’s all got to be sanitized anyway. Just don’t wait too long, or it will smell.

Once I get the room cleaned up I’ll post a picture. Here’s a couple pics of the last Gold Leaf crop.

No more old pictures. The rest will be new and current.
Alright, I’m taking today off. But I’ll be back tomorrow. I have a few plants in dirt I need to check on.


Okay I lied. Didn’t really do any work today, but I do have an update. Before I post the picture, I need to stress… these clones (Gold Leaf) were going to be thrown out. My cousin wanted to keep them… but it took him a couple of weeks to buy dirt and pots. The poor babies should have been moved a long time ago. Now they are sitting in pots recuperating. They do look better after a few days. I figure in a couple of weeks they will be beautiful.
For now, they look awful. Lol

I also checked the humidity on the last crop of Gold Leaf. Sitting about 64% after 24 hours. As long as they stay 64%, I’ll do a final trim this weekend then put them into Grove Bags for curing. If the humidity drops a little, I’ll finish the trim and start to cure earlier.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on cleaning the grow room again. Clones should be ready to move in about 2 weeks.
Almost time to start a different strain of mothers. I’m thinking Peanut Butter Breath.

That’s it today, I’ll be back tomorrow.


Great job on the grow and harvest.

@Graysin look at those roots brother :exploding_head::heart_eyes:

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I’m all outta likes but daaaaaayummmm so nice! I’m waiting to see what mine look like. Dyin here

Beautiful harvest @GoldenGorilla

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Does letting the roots die like that stress the plant or slow it down?

Give us your personal opinion of the Gold Leaf Strain as far as growing it, and how it tastes and smokes please.

I’m gonna tag along as I’m thinking of trying this strain down the road.

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Mine smelled like a peppered lime. Smoke was incredibly smooth. In my top 3 of favorite strains. Great grow @GoldenGorilla, major eye candy.


What’s the high like @BobbyDigital I agree great looking grow @GoldenGorilla

For me it’s one of those laid back and listen to people talk type of high. Which was excellent because the high for my wife was talk, talk, talk.


:rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob: talked your ears off

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Letting the roots die is just so it’s easier to clean out the pots. I leave the grow room alone for a week after harvest, before cleaning. It’s not a growing technique, more a cleaning technique.

This is my 4th grow with Gold Leaf. It’s a hearty, easy strain to keep alive. It will stretch quite a bit when you flip to flower.
I’ve been a fan for years, it’s definitely an antianxiety cannabis, and smokes smooth as long as it’s dried and cured properly.
Taste… I’ll have to get back to you on this pheno.
But, the day I harvested, I was accused of being sprayed by a skunk. Lol


I should also state, letting roots die before harvest is not good. I’ve done DWC before, and had root rot right before harvest. It won’t ruin a crop if it happens later in flowering. But it will if it happens earlier.
The only stress I’ll do intentionally is cold temps and limb manipulation. Colder temps bring out nice colors.


Merry Christmas

Today I trimmed up the mother plants (Gold Leaf). Checked The clones and added water to the reservoir.


Looking beautiful

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