Golden Goat, Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner 2nd grow

Hey guys so new light as I mentioned gets pretty warm I have a big fan in there now and I just checked temps and it was 90 degrees, I have the ac going in through the black out through the silver, but the hood is getting pretty warm so I didn’t know how to get the heat back down without always having to keep the tent open.
Any links to anything would help. Thanks guys! :smile:

She’s looking purty

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@Covertgrower when do you think I should start defoliating ? Is there a method on where to tie them down at too like a diagram or something for lst? Cause I’m kinda winging it and I’m not sure if it looks good or not

The main objective is to tie the top down, to allow better growth of underneath. I try to have a picture of what I want the plant to look like, while tying it down.
Not really a diagram, that I’ve seen, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of examples if you look for them. Hope this helps.

I gotcha.
I just got this light for a pretty good deal,

It’s the 2000w veg&bloom

For a just a little more you could get a HLG light that would be more efficient and grow better.

So they’re looking pretty good, the last one was somehow sideways out the ground so I pulled her back, it’s pretty weird I’ll grab a picture next time but everything’s so far so good temps have been at 63-66 with the light off and 79-82 light on, humidity varies from 40%-60% depending if the lights on or off. ph is at 6.3-6.8. I’ve been using the great white root nutes with water and seems to be doing pretty good. Just Waiting on that light to come in.

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So I got the other one finally tied up so hopefully she starts growing out.

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3 day change ^ to the last pic I posted