Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Home Depot has the HD 27gal totes for about $10 bucks each


that is a bargain!


@peachfuzz I think you mentioned something about it before, but I can’t find it. If I get a setup sort of like yours for flower, 3 totes with 3 separate reservoirs, could I use my water chiller and use a wort chiller in each reservoir?
Inquiring minds want to know


I dont see why not… :wink:


I think @TDubWilly was just working on cooling multiple totes with a single chiller. Not really sure what he came up with though.


I would just throw a 25’ or 50’ garden hose in each res and run freash clean water through chiller through garden hoses and back to chiller…
I would not run nutrients through your chiller…it would kill it … :wink:


That’s sort of what I was talking about. Separate water for cooling system.
Next question, do you ever do monster crop, clones from flowering plants?


I am running nutrients through chiller at the time being. Manufacturer said if you do, to flush it with clean water every 2 months.
P.S. this drunk fat chick sure eats a lot of wierd stuff


This was once a bud, it will make a nice bushy plant!


Ya , i take clones in all stages if i need them… I’ve taken clones as late as 8 weeks from light flip… with no issues … :wink:



Does it make bigger plants? I’m trying to figure out if I HAVE to keep mother plants for clones, or can just take them from flower room when needed


It’s up to you… I just take them as I need them… I like to let them get going to see if some grow better then others… so I can take the best ones… I just really like to have alot of different strains so I have options when I medicate…
Different plants serve different purposes… :wink:
In rdwc they seem to grow really fast no matter what… sometimes it’s hard to keep up… taking clones after 3 weeks from light flip tends to take longer to root… I like to take them after 2 week of 12/12 because they just get the ball rolling really fast and that’s about the time I need to trim up the girls that are flowering , so it’s a win , win…


Recently started 30 clones. Only the strong survive. 8 made it thru and are in final homes Will be ready to repeat in a few weeks


@peachfuzz have you noticed the monster crops tend to be a little dainty stemmed as the re enter veg fully I got a shit load of shoots out of one little space but all soooooo thin I’m scared to pinch and bend… I did any way lol it worked


Very good point that you bring up… young plants will stay healthier then older plants… but … I’ve seen some sick mothers… grow them out and see… clone ,clone, clone… :grin:

I am medicated… yup… pretty sure I’m medicated…

Yep medicated…
Lol :wink:



Medicate onnnn


I know I’m medicated I’m slamming some 711 brownies and burden whole Dutch chocolate milk


It was the other way around, each tote was going to have its own individual chiller


But as I sit here and think about it I might give it a try, chillers are oh so expensive


I’m thinking (when I go perpetual) run wort chiller in each reservoir off my chiller. What do you think?:cowboy_hat_face: