Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


They should have won it, but NOOOOO


Here’s a pic of my latest girl’s… 3 plants… 1 ilgm ssh , 1 cali fruity kush and 1 ? Cross of anything that’s been in my room… :grin:

Pic is from 2 days since going to 12/12… :grin:
I’ll be setting up another table in about 20 min… not sure what’s going in there yet… will let you know when I decide… :wink:
I just really hope there all girls… these are all new stock from seed… :wink:
I was lazy and didn’t scrogg the first table… it’s going to be a f’story … :grimacing::upside_down_face::confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@tanlover442 this is my current grow just getting under way


Interesting setup for DWC. How did you cut the lid to hold how many plants in each 20 gallon ?


I had net pots that fit a 5gal bucket. Just cut out a hole in the lid. One plant per container


And it’s RDWC, recirculating deep water culture


I’m still not understanding the concept of two screens. Enlighten me, Sinsei.


First net has 8 inch squares, net on top has 4 inch squares… first net is to tie everything down and top net is to hold everything up when the buds get heavy …:wink:
I’m setting up another table in a day or 2 … just need to find the time… but I will scrogg that one the right way and I’ll get you some pics…
The problem I’m going to have is everything is going to be falling all over the place… I still have 3 weeks of stretch so I’m hoping that I have enough room… that table in the pic has no light adjustment… so if I’m lazy like I was then I’m just $hit outa luck… and just have to roll with the punches… :grin:



@Grandaddy013…thanks for the pics and info.

5 gallons aerated : two in cut out lids until good sized then each get one. LST has worked great.

Have you seen the hybrid system? 5 gallon water reserve with a 3 gallon soil on top. Different. Interesting. Grower posted on the site.


Never seen it


Roots decided to take the long way home


@tanlover442 @Grandaddy013
That’s my hybrid soil/hydro system… let me know if you want to see some pics? :wink:



Absolutely :grin::grin::sunglasses: @peachfuzz


Here you go… :wink:
They work like a charm… I’ve grown trees with them… :wink:

Now I just let the wife use them to grow vegetables and stuff with… I mix her up some soil and plant everything and alls she has to do is water once a week and pick veggies… if I start to see any deficiencies , I just add liquid nutrients to the res… also notice the hole on the side of the white bucket… that’s the overflow , so she cant ever overwater her plants… you only water once or twice on top of soil to get plants established and after that you just water through the 1 1/2 PVC fill tube… pretty simple and works like a charm… I have a patent pending on them , but this is my second try trying to get one… tricky thing is the wording when trying to get a patent… :wink:



@peachfuzz…Yes…exactly. It’s a method I haven’t seen before. Best of both worlds.
Hope you get a patent and profit from your ingenious “new” method.

Is there a strain that does best with your wet-n-dry method?


Everything that I grow in them , thrives big time… the only reason that I dont use them indoors anymore , is because theres always a chance of bringing in bugs with the soil , even if its brand new…
And I run a perpetual grow…
Also now that I’m in rdwc with no media , I’ll never go back… it’s to quick , easy , clean , no bugs and I just love it… and way cheaper… :wink:
I should also patent my rdwc systems… :thinking:


Plant in first picture still not showing roots. When the roots hit the water it will be game on


@ACK here is the current grow


Cool man game on jeez you hydro guys make this stuff look so enticing… man I was at home depot drooling over 27gal. Totes lol


i got to get my seedling in the dirt this weekend!
maybe they will start looking as good as yours…lol