Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


I was supposed to go to lawyers office this morning to finalize my deal, but ex sister-in-law decided yesterday that she wasn’t “comfortable” signing the papers. WTF I guess the fun begins


Hopefully your able to strike a deal…:wink:
Got my :crossed_fingers:for you buddy… :wink:



@peachfuzz k that’s what I was asking by super clone lol. I’ve heard of takeing late clones like 3 week of flower I’ve just never done it is it better to do it late


I like to do it at 3 weeks into flower because if I start taking them in vegg , I’ll end up with too many plants… :grin:
Also that’s when I’m cleaning up underneath the canopy , so it’s a win , win… :wink:
Also if it’s a new seed that I’m growing , it gives me a chance to see how finicky the plant is just in case I don’t want to keep running it… :wink:

All around for me it’s just a good way for me to deal with it… also that’s right towards the end of stretch and the plants are taking off and it seems like I get a 99% success rate when I take them at that time… :wink:



It was my first attempt and I got 100% success. Did 1/2 with Clonex gel and 1/2 with Aloe Vera. No difference that I could tell


Plugging along


That is a beautiful canopy!


@Grandaddy013 hay how big did you make your net squares I’m thinking I want 3x3 or 4x4 inches


4x4 How you doing little buddy


Not to bad I am harvesting tomorrow and trying to get new system set up for the new ladies that are going in. I think I’m going to do a 3x3 in net setup


Since my net was 4x4, 4inch spacing worked perfectly


@Smokin_ernie you there


Whats up @Grandaddy013 I here not as much as I once was.


I was going to smoke a ham, and was going to ask for pointers. It was SMACKIN!!!


Damn that looks good and I’m sitting at work with no lunch :drooling_face:


Only thing worse than that is being at work with a lunch, but it’s about 310’ away. Not 310’ I can walk either.


Ok that does suck more! At least I can go to the vending machine. I guess I better suck it up Buttercup :yum: make someone go get yours :grin:


Day 1 wk 8


Wow that is so cool! That looks like a pic from high times or something!!! :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Why thank you young lady