Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Did you have any side by side u didnt do it to @Big123 to compare ?


And @big124 when you did …how long before harvest I got 5 monstercro0ed white widows commin down in 2 weeks I’m gonna ice 1 drill 1 split 1 and leave 2 be and then I will be able to really see


I’m a stem splitter I try to do it every time 3 days before you harvest I stemsplit then 3days total and I do the 2 days of darkness


No, I wish I had though, I may just try that with my current auto grow, they’re 10 days old, I have 3 Candy Cane Autos, 2 OG Kush autos and 1 AK-47 auto. They’re indoor now, going outside once it warms up.


lol I’m a stem splitter also. I like to split horizontally at ground level.


Ok Stem Spiltters, why do you do it?
Inquiring minds want to know


Because Robert Bergman said it makes buds heavier with resin, haha…


But wouldn’t that be more CLEAR trichomes? Wouldn’t the new trichomes need to ripen? Or is that something different?


Since I’ve never done clones before, and don’t really know what to expect, I guess my clones are doing ok. Roots are pearly whites.


Looking happy healthy and strong. I cut my first clone last night from GG So I’ll be watching your progess.


Stem splitting and 48 hr darkness is to force plant into def mode and it forces them to go crazy on tricomb production and it will make it more potent and resin full at the time you split and darkness it doesn’t matter that’s what you get u want more tris and the clear that late in game doesn’t matter it will help with flavor as well


@Grandaddy013 what is your ph at the leafs are starting to blister and fold with roots that long you should have pretty leafs on top not folded and curling they look really dark to could also have a nitrogen abundance. Or are the super crop clones at zoom in they look like tricombs on leafs but still really dark green is normaly a nitrogen abundance or a ph imbalance


I just did a bucket change today. pH possibly got out of whack. I’m using bloom instead of grow, so I don’t think too much nitrogen.


@Grandaddy013 why bloom and not grow unless you are starting bloom now


Sort of like Lucas formula


Just an experiment


To be totally honest, I had been thinking of doing the Maxibloom all the way through, but was still only THINKING about it. This morning I realized, that’s not what I did at all. I got stoned as shit, and totally screwed up. I’m pretty sure I even added Liquid Kool Bloom. But by Golly the pH is right. I guess I’m doing another bucket change today. Thanks for kicking my brain in gear.


They only look like that because they are reverting back to vegg from flower… :wink: @BigDaddyCain
They will start to look normal in a week or so… :wink:


What’s up little buddy


Getting ready for work and still waiting for my house to close… :wink:
Then the real fun begins… :grin::smiling_imp:
Everything on your end is looking good from what I can see… :+1: