Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


ArmorSl is formulated at a very high ph to maintain the silicone in solution. Makes sense you have to adjust pH.


No sir. I put in what I’m going to, and then check pH. On these Gold Leaf plants, they don’t really like over about 800ppm. But if you have it in the right range, as water level drops, PPM’s and pH remain fairly steady.


Initially I mean. The buffering capacity of the MaxiBloom should maintain the pH during use with only a slight upward drift due to the air bubbling CO2 through the water (carbonation will cause this drift) but should stabilize once the water is fully aerated.


The best I can answer is I don’t know. Like I said, I add everything, and then adjust pH. If I’m in the zone, I don’t have much fluctuation. PPM’s and pH remain pretty stable. I don’t know what to say other than that. I’m sorry if I didn’t answer your question. If I didn’t, maybe you could put it another way and make my dumbass understand. I always appreciate your input.


@peachfuzz do you think the 6/2 light schedule would work for my clones?


I believe you already answered. Your nutes with AmourSi are very close to the correct pH after it’s all been mixed and hold the pH once adjusted. That what I wanted to know. Thanx!


I put in dechlorinator, hydrogaurd, ArmourSi, Cal mag, etc in that order. I don’t remember WHY, just I read somewhere that is how to do it. I SURE you know why it’s done that way.


Add hydroguard last. It will be greatly effected by the high pH of your ArmorSl. We use high pH to sanitize equipment of microorganisms.


I did not know that. Thanks. Doing a reservoir change tomorrow. Let me get this right (I’m stoned), hydrogaurd will be the last thing I add. Is this correct?




I’m sitting here smoking one, and just realized, that when I put my clones in the 5gal buckets, I used Maxibloom instead of MaxiGro. I guess I win the DUMBASS award


Lol @Grandaddy013 it happens to us all at one point or another


Yes that schedule would work just fine for your clones…
It’s funny how so many different things each of us do with our grows and don’t think about mentioning certain things that we do because it just never gets brought up in conversation…lol
I’ve been running that light schedule for ever and never thought to mention it until someone brought up the subject… :grin::crazy_face::upside_down_face:
Also , bloom nutrients actually help with root development so wait till it’s time for a water change out and then run the maxi grow , no harm no foul…


Not much difference between grow and bloom, remember. A bit more N in grow vs the higher P in bloom. Otherwise both have cal/mg and other essentials.


These products are in powder form?


@peachfuzz Yes, but as I was asking this morning, they should be pH balanced when dissolved to hit ~pH5.8 without any other nutrient additions.


We we’re doing a septic job one day, and I was admiring the man’s vegetable garden. He showed me newspaper articles and awards he had gotten for these HUGE vegetables he was growing. I asked him what kind of fertilizer he used, and he said 5-10-15


In the garden it’s a bit different because you a have soil that is alive. But yes the P-K addition helps with the fruiting/flowering. Soil much like your hydroguard has bacteria that will fix nitrogen from air in the soil. Soil has a lot of other beneficials your hydro does not.


I was just thinking that the Maxibloom was close to that ratio


Lower label… 5-15-14