Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


I just put a drop of clonex in the hole of a rockwool cube and stuck the stem in there, then treat it like a seed


Its harder because the girth is increasing


When I’m going through the stretch, as they grow I continue tying them down. Towards the end of the stretch, the stems start getting stiffer and not as pliable. I don’t know the reference to 500


500th coment


Love it when they get girth and fatten up!


Me to im at day 1 week 7 there def fattening up


You can also stiffen up the stems with the addition of ArmorSl (KSl). Supposedly enhances bud structure and smell/taste.


I’ve been using ArmorSi the entire grow


@peachfuzz where the hell are you, buddy


Is armor si better then rhino skin cuz I have both when rhino skin was getting low I went the GH bottle of silica cuz it’s much cheaper and I’m using base floranova bloom and grow and call mag all gh so figured I might as well go with everything that’s same manufacture you know there 100% compatible


With ArmorSL you will still see the pH increase and will have to adjust. Also add amourSl first and allow for some dilution before you add other nutes or you will precipitate the nutes. Both ArmorSl and Rhino are just KSi. Both about the same.


Please explain in terms a redneck can understand


ArmorSl is high pH (11). If you added it and your nutes together concentrated without much dilution with water your nutes will become insoluble (react with each other). You can see it become cloudy at the point of addition when added if you dissolve your nutes first then add KSi when the nutes are still concentrated.


I knew that you were supposed to add it first, and I do, I just didn’t know why. Thanks


I add last and use it as ph up. Doesn’t always take ph as high as I need it, depends on what else is in mixture. But as long as your solution is mixed very well it won’t be a problem. The problem with adding it first and saying that it won’t be a problem is that means you’ll likely be adding calmag last. Adding calmag last can do the same thing. If you’re in a hydro system your calmag is probably more important than your silica. If you’re in soil you don’t really need it at all, but some like myself choose to add a little. So I go calmag and mix extremely well, then follow instructions on my nutrients and mix extremely well several times over about 10-15 minute period. Then I dilute about 5ml of silica into a small amount of water and mix. I will apply the slightly diluted silica into my solution little by little stirring and watching ph meter.

I swear you, bogleg, and I discussed this in his lab thread.


I do the silica, hydrogaurd, calmag, nutrients, in that order.

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@peachfuzz Hey Sinsei, how’s that for my first attempt at clones


@Grandaddy013 good job on the tape so no light gets in and GJ on the clones I think in water is the easiest way lol I love it


I did 4 with Clonex and 4 with Aloe Vera. All 8 rooted


Oh yeah, when these come out, I will paint the top black before I use it again